Ibiza weddings

All you need is love… and Marnosuite

Ibiza wedding photographer (and hopeless romantic) Maria Simon of Marnosuite is the island’s queen of capturing romance on camera.

Love is definitely in the air today and for any newly betrothed couples planning a wedding in Ibiza, finding the right photographer is equally as important as getting the right dress. Ibiza-based wedding photographer Maria Simon is the island’s queen of hearts – a natural at capturing the romance, emotion and magic of special events on camera.

Words: Kristie Rogers | Photos: Maria Simon for Marnosuite

Once upon a time in East Berlin, a little girl called Maria Simon spent her early childhood learning to play instruments, performing in the theatre, knitting jumpers, and painting her own cinematic interpretations of life and landscape – it’s amazing what a child can do (even if somewhat begrudgingly) in the absence of a television. Little did she know those formative years would shape her future as a photographer on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza.

Today, as the founder of Ibiza wedding photography and editorial brand Marnosuite, Maria instinctively channels the creativity that was instilled in her by her parents while capturing the real-life romance of island nuptials on camera. Using her lens as a paintbrush, her intuition as a guide, and her couples’ unique love stories as inspiration, she crafts a vividly romantic world within each and every photograph she takes. From behind the scenes and the all-important milestones to fleeting moments of spontaneity and the power of raw emotion, Maria’s ability to document every aspect of a wedding is unrivalled.

Ibiza-based wedding photographer Maria Simon is the island’s queen of hearts – a natural at capturing the romance, emotion and magic of special events on camera to be cherished forever.

“Painting played a big role in developing my visual style,” Maria says. “I began to photograph right after finishing school, and it was a heart-made decision to become a photographer.” Initially, she was drawn to the high-gloss world of fashion, inspired by the glamour and nostalgia of old Hollywood movies. Maria spent 10 years shooting editorials and portraits around the world, counting Lady Gaga, Jade Jagger and Craig David among her clients. During this time, a close friend asked Maria to photograph her wedding, piquing her interest in a world that felt more in line with her authentic spirit and ethereal style.

It was around a decade later that weddings would circle back into Maria’s orbit. She’d swapped the grey of Berlin for the technicolour of Ibiza in 2005, having fallen in love with the island on a holiday in 1992, visiting regularly ever since. “I always knew I wanted to live in Ibiza,” she says. “The island has a certain magic that no one can really explain, and it’s the only place I’ve ever found that gives me a sense of peace and calm. Here, I really recognise how simple yet beautiful life can be.” When the opportunity to shoot her first big Ibiza wedding came in 2008, Maria was primed to create magic. “By that time, I had a vision and had developed my personal artistic approach to wedding photography.”

Marnosuite (the brand) was born as a way to differentiate Maria’s wedding photography from her editorial work, however the two worlds inevitably intersect. “I definitely see elements of my fashion work in my wedding photography,” Maria explains. “The biggest difference with weddings is that I create in the moment. For a fashion editorial, I have a storyboard and time between shooting each look. Weddings are so intuitive – I never know what is going to evolve, I can only observe and let things flow. Of course, some couples have a vision for their photos and I can work with a concept, or guide them, if they are up for it. I just love the unpredictable nature of a wedding, the love story behind it, all the feelings and of course, the love!”

Part of the skill of being a successful wedding photographer is knowing how and when to be in the right place, at the right time – something Maria has honed well over the last 16 years. “On the day, I am very calm, relaxed and mostly blending into the event, unless my couples are looking for specific guidance. If I’m working with a very nervous bride, I can help calm her down and give her a lot of space. When I work with bigger weddings – for example when couples get ready in different locations – I’ll have a second photographer with me. I work with a network of talented people who understand the Marnosuite vision, and whose styles and work ethic resonate with my own.”

Love is definitely in the air today and for any newly betrothed couples planning a wedding in Ibiza, finding the right photographer like Marnosuite is equally as important as getting the right dress, rings and venue.

Her gentle yet assured nature means Maria is adept at working with all types of personalities – be it brides, grooms, mother-of-the-bride, groomsmen or children. At the same time, her innate eye for style means she captures settings and scenery like works of art. “One of my favourite things is seeing all the love and effort behind the gorgeous creations by some incredibly talented planners, stylists, florists and lighting pros,” she says. “What inspires me the most are the couples themselves. This is why getting to know them before the wedding is so important. I love the personal connection we create. I want to be more like a friend with a camera, so they feel completely comfortable. There are couples I am still in touch with a decade after the weddings and I really value that.”

Describing her Marnosuite work as classy, elegant, emotive, cinematic, dreamy and feminine, Maria often references fashion books, movies and magazines from the 60s and 70s rather than industry trends for inspiration. “Trends come and go,” she says. “Long term, it’s more important to refine your signature style as a photographer and stay true to it. I’ve always played with textures and filters, while staying true to natural colours. I’m drawn to timeless, nostalgic and documentary style imagery – less staged and perfectly imperfect. Life is so fast-paced these days, which is driving the current trend for ‘content creators’ and the use of AI but I think weddings are a celebration of love. People should be in the moment, not forced to stage content for the sake of it.”

The proof is in the pictures, and Maria’s portfolio shines with authenticity – couples besotted with one another, families coming together, friends dancing beneath the stars, and truly stunning Ibiza settings and landscapes. Flashes of floating gowns; the twinkle of thousands of fairy lights; the golden glint of sunlight through the treetops and the sparkle of the crystalline Mediterranean Sea – fairytales that came to life to be cherished forever in a photo. “It’s such an honour to be part of someone’s dream,” she says. “I am a hopeless romantic and I love that I can express this through my images and blend it with a fashionable and cinematic style. I want people to rest their eyes on an image and really feel the essence and the emotion of the moment.”

Maria’s work with Marnosuite can be seen in esteemed publications such as Harper Bazaar, Vogue, Elle , Marie Claire, Brides and L’Officiel, to name a few, and in keeping with her ultra-personalised approach, she limits the number of weddings she shoots each year to keep each event special. “I’ve captured a lot of dream weddings,” she says when asked to describe her own fantasy wedding scenario. “From a visual perspective, I love rustic, cosy weddings with a lot of fairy lights. I love floating dresses and lots of movement. It’s so much fun when the energy is high, the party starts, and everybody is dancing. My ultimate dream would be a 70s-inspired wedding with all the guests attending in vintage clothes.” And afterwards, of course, they’ll live happily ever after…