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Bright sparks and bold vision – Concept Installations

The cutting-edge, on-island home automation and electrical solutions company founded by Robert Cashin.

Specialising in innovative home automation, intelligent and intuitive lighting, incredible indoor and outdoor audio sound systems and cutting-edge technology, Concept Installations is the island’s premier electrical solutions company.

Words: Kristie Rogers | Photos: Luciana Damiao

It’s no secret that Ibiza is an island filled with extraordinary villas. Some grace the pages of glossy magazines or set the scene for fashion shoots while others are more discreet personal dwellings designed purely for the owners’ personal enjoyment. What these luxury properties have in common however, are advanced technological systems – from cutting-edge home automation and intuitive lighting to incredible sound systems and more. Pioneering it all in Ibiza is Concept Installations, the all-encompassing electrical solutions company founded by highly experienced system integrator, audiophile and self-confessed tech-geek, Robert Cashin.

Far from your average sparky, Robert boasts over 17 years of experience in his field. It was during a fateful visit to Ibiza in 2011 – a trip that was only intended to last one season – that he picked up work as an electrician with a local construction company. He’s never looked back, constantly driven to further his knowledge, training and expertise. “I like to think outside the box,” says Robert, when asked about the inspiration behind Concept Installations. “I’ve participated in so many different projects in Ibiza – it’s given me such a broad outlook and vast experience. The audio side fascinates me too – every project is different, and I enjoy a challenge.”

Boasting over 17 years of experience and a never-ending fascination with technology, Robert Cashin leads the on-island Concept Installations team.

The company’s expansion came about when homeowners were hunkering down and creating sanctuaries during the pandemic. Concept Installations projects grew beyond home illumination and audio into much larger-scale conceptual works that transformed private villas into intelligent and intuitive properties – a shift that allowed Robert to indulge his affinity for discovering the world’s most advanced technologies. Regular visits to trade shows opened countless doors with renowned international brands and suppliers, and at the same time, Robert’s creativity began to flourish and his career continued to soar. “It really opened my eyes to what we could do with homes in Ibiza,” he says.

Today, Concept Installations is made up a team of talented, passionate and multi-lingual system integrators and technical experts who share Robert’s enthusiasm for innovation and implementation, and boasts a purpose-built showroom in the heart of Ibiza that allows clients to immerse themselves in a world of high-tech wonder. Step inside to experience an array of indoor and outdoor speakers and audio options; peruse walls that showcase fittings and fixtures like works of contemporary art; and marvel at the impressive custom-built rack that manages to make cables, connectors, knobs and buttons look like a stylish art installation.

Working with the world’s leading brands in audio, lighting, automation and much more, Concept Installations can design and deliver your dream tech-based projects, from home cinemas to private nightclubs and beyond.

The showstopper within the space is the sound-proofed home cinema room. A three-metre screen dominates one entire wall, opposite an oversized comfy sofa and bar-style seating. A Belgian-made Barco projector (considered the best in the world) is subtly tucked out of sight; 17 speakers with 9.2.4 Dolby surround sound (if you know, you know!) are hidden behind fabric and adjustable lighting sets the ambience – all controlled by one remote. Through tailored screenings that include clips from their favourite TV shows, sports matches and films, Concept Installations‘ clients can experience a total audio-visual immersion into one of the hottest trends for rental villas: a dedicated multi-media room and fully customised home cinema entirely designed to match your needs and style.

With a keen eye for design trends, a deep understanding of Ibiza’s vernacular architecture and intense climate, plus an affinity for interpreting exactly what his clients need, Robert’s own role within the company has evolved from system integrator to project manager and designer. Working in tandem with some of the island’s most renowned architectural, landscaping, and interior design firms, in addition to villa owners and developers, he draws on his vast experience and knowledge to develop sophisticated designs from the ground up. “A house is a collection of so many things,” he explains. “It all needs to work together.” His invaluable input, from concept to completion, ensures each and every Concept Installations project is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Sourcing fixtures and fittings from all over the world, Concept Installations can customise any project to suit your tastes and home, from mid-century and ultra-modern to rustic farmhouses and sleek apartments.

“It’s still nice to get my screwdrivers out every now again and install things,” Robert says, when contemplating the evolution of his brand. “Especially when pallets with huge boxes of equipment arrive.” Case in point: the impressive 2022 installation of a state-of-the-art C-SEED outdoor television screen that rises majestically from the poolside lawn of a private villa in Ibiza in just 25 seconds. “It was pretty hair-raising after a year of planning,” Robert says. “It had to be crane-lifted into the villa as it weighted 1.6 tonnes. Thankfully it went super smoothly.” It also went viral, with over 16 million views on the Concept Installations Instagram account alone.

What truly makes a Concept Installations project shine is an unwavering quest for perfection. There’s no cutting corners or quick fixes – the brand’s philosophy is all about providing quality and exceptional service. With the entire team based in Ibiza, clients are secure in the knowledge that should an issue arise, the team are on-hand to provide solutions, fast – essential if you’re a villa owner who may only spend a few weeks at a time in Ibiza. “Giving really good service is so important,” says Robert. “I’m always on the other end of the phone, regardless of the time.”

The winter season in Ibiza is when the in-demand Concept Installations team have their work cut out for them, as clients propose improvements to their new or existing homes for the following summer. Garden lighting projects, basement nightclubs, home cinemas, home automations, intricate security systems – everything is within the realms of possibility. All projects start with a discovery call, so Robert can get to know your needs. He cites honesty and transparency as key to managing expectations, delivering the right products, and ensuring the very best results.

As members of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association), the leading global trade association for smart home technology, the Concept Installations team are also Gold Level Control 4 dealers, KNX partners and Lutron dealers. Each team member has trained extensively with all high-level brands they collaborate with, meaning their rapidly expanding (and loyal) client base can rest assured and trust their expertise every step of the way. “It doesn’t really feel like work to me,” Robert says of his day-to-day involvement in each project. “I take so much pleasure in clients loving what we do. That’s such an important part of running the business – making people happy makes me happy.”