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Global treasure trove – Casa Bedouin

The unique San José homewares showroom where nomadic chic meets authentic Ibiza style.

With a focus on originality, Casa Bedouin in San José is an incredible source for unique and inspired furnishings, fabrics and homewares – the ideal place to find treasures for your Ibiza home, or wherever you may live in the world!

Words: Danni Landa | Photos: Sofia Gomez Fonzo

Casa Bedouin is hard to miss, with an authentic Bedouin tent perched on its roof and its striking viridian green storefront beckoning like a tasteful beacon. Located on the road leading towards the sparkling waters of Cala Carbo beach on the south coast of Ibiza, this beautiful interior design store holds untold treasures within and without its walls. Founder Peter Fieret has poured 30 years of design experience into the charming space, filling it with an ever-evolving collection of antique and new furniture, exquisite art, and handmade homewares from across the globe.
As you step across the threshold, you may be lucky enough to be greeted by Isla, the furry sales assistant manning the Casa Bedouin floor. Don’t mind her laissez-faire attitude; she’s mostly there as the island’s best-styled dog and, after a yawn, will refer you to her beloved owner, Peter. It’s no coincidence that the various nooks and crannies of the store have the appearance of a glamorous movie set. Peter’s early days in the design industry were spent creating sets and vignettes for films, commercials, and fashion magazines.

Curated by Peter Fieret with a focus on originality, Casa Bedouin is an incredible source for unique and inspired furnishings, fabrics and homewares.

In addition to life on film, he honed his craft through dressing the windows of some of his native Holland’s most beloved department stores before moving on to design boutiques for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger among others. His skills and natural talents have evolved into a distinctive sense of colour, texture, form, and function. The essence of Ibiza is characterised by a harmonious coexistence with nature ­– an ethos that is beautifully embodied on the Casa Bedouin patio.

As a long-time visitor to Ibiza and a permanent resident since 2016, Peter understands that island life is lived differently. “Outdoor living is key in Ibiza,” he says. “Styling those areas of a home is a lot of fun.” At Casa Bedouin you’ll find an ever-changing stage providing endless inspiration. Think earthenware pots filled with juicy succulents, bamboo sunbeds scattered with cushions printed in bold colours and raffia parasols that shade vintage side tables set with whimsical vases. Inside, the vibe is more subdued but just as original.

With a list of contacts spanning decades and continents, Peter delivers a unique vision that blends vintage and antiques with current pieces, traversing cultures from Africa, Latin America, and Europe. Each handpicked item is placed just so, culminating in the store’s signature ambience, with a mood that is very homely, easy-going, and comfortable.  “My style could be described as surprisingly original,” he explains. Peter’s goal with Casa Bedouin is to create spaces that are chic as well as functional, with a message of contentment and tranquillity.

The floor at Casa Bedouin and the many private interior design projects Peter has executed allow a sense of charmed calmness. Every corner of your home is catered for, be it a modern sofa with an ottoman, tribal rugs, traditional and contemporary ceramics, retro tableware and artisanal scented candles, plush handmade lampshades and cushion covers. Each piece is a testament to Peter’s creativity, as vintage and modern fabrics are carefully blended, resulting in one-of-a-kind items. The diverse palette of colours, patterns, and textures ensures there’s something to complement every style.

Each perfectly styled corner, vignette and space at Casa Bedouin is a testament to Peter’s creativity, honed in the worlds of film and fashion.

Distinguishing itself from other interior design stores in Ibiza is the unique partnership Casa Bedouin boasts with a professional tailor located in the same building – an alliance that enables the creation of made-to-measure curtains and other home textiles. Simply choose your material from the exquisite selection of luxury fabrics downstairs, explain your vision – or collaborate with Peter on designing a bespoke look for your home – and let the expert team upstairs stitch your vision into reality.

An artist at heart, Peter has expanded his passion through a collaboration with an old friend who is a photographer by trade. Together they fashion mixed media images depicting details of Ibiza’s ancient traditions, printed onto linen and hung directly on the wall without frames; their ethereal essence and subdued colours are dreamlike and tinged with a gentle rusticity. Handmade and created with an insider’s love for the history of the island, the collection is growing slowly and will, in the future, become a staple part of the Casa Bedouin concept, complementing the store’s stunning collection of tribal art and sculptures.

Whether you’re looking for a complete home transformation, want to breathe new life into a single room or are seeking a statement piece to complement your existing style, you’ll find it within the walls of Casa Bedouin.

Peter, a seasoned interior designer, is also a trusted partner for residential and commercial projects, whether you’re planning a comprehensive home transformation, a room refresh, or simply need to find a special piece to add that final finesse to an office space. His passion for his craft not only radiates within the confines of his remarkable showroom but also defines his design philosophy, where creativity is infused with both joy and professionalism. Exploring Casa Bedouin uncovers an authentic and spirited aesthetic, where every corner reflects Peter’s flair for transforming spaces into genuine works of art.