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Golden Elegance Ritual at Open Spa

Since the beginning of time gold has been considered a precious and luxurious metal by high society, a symbol of wealth, strength and wellbeing...

Over the last ten years, Ibiza has experienced an internal shift; it’s no longer just the party capital of the world, but now an innovative island on trend with the latest wellness techniques, international gastronomy, and deluxe hospitality.

Nowadays the jet set and elite are flying in for specialised spa weekends, wellness retreats and holidays focused on pure pampering, and Ibiza Gran Hotel (the only hotel in Ibiza with a ‘Grand Luxe’ rating) provides the perfect contemporary setting to relax and rejuvenate. Within the sleek modern complex is one of the island’s most prestigious modern-day healing and wellness centres and spas – Open Spa. Always on the pulse of the latest technology and therapeutic methods, the highly trained team of professionals are changing the typical view of an Ibiza spa. It’s all about delivering proven results, using exceptional techniques and impressive, quality materials. One of the latest spa trends that recently arrived at Open Spa is the use of that most noble metal: gold.

Since the beginning of time gold has been considered a precious and luxurious metal by high society, a symbol of wealth, strength and wellbeing. Mediterranean empresses believed gold held certain properties that helped them look younger and referred to the metal as the ‘glory of immortals’ because it helped beautify and purify their bodies in ancient times. Thanks to recent groundbreaking research, gold has taken the world by storm as its properties are known to transform the skin, keeping one’s appearance ‘eternally young.’ It is easily absorbed, and its features work fast to firm the skin, decrease inflammation, improve blood circulation, slow collagen depletion, accelerate cell renewal and enhance skin elasticity.

Once only a luxury afforded to the most prosperous, Open Spa now invites one and all to indulge in the power of gold via the new Golden Elegance Ritual, a deluxe combination of facial and body treatments and one of the spa’s most sumptuous treatments. Performed in a private booth, with an open-air terrace and natural light, lie back and let the expert hands of a highly trained therapist relax you and work the magic of 24 carat gold over your delicate skin for 110 minutes – heaven. The treatment strengthens the protective barrier of the skin, firms, nourishes and revitalises adding a noticeable lightness that leaves you with a healthy glow to the skin. Following the treatment, spa guests are invited to plunge into the therapeutic waters of Open Aqua and experience the healing powers of the water circuit, also an ancient practice known to relax, detoxify and replenish. At Open Spa the belief is restoring health to the body, and wellness to the mind – no two visits are alike, yet you will always leave in a state of bliss.

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