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Harmonise your life

Sabina Wellness is the all-new holistic treatment menu at the magnificent Sabina Clubhouse

The words wellness and holistic have never rung so true than for Sabina Wellness, the holistic spa and treatment menu at the magnificent Sabina, a unique residential community on Ibiza’s west coast. The result is beyond imagination and takes wellbeing to a stratospheric level.

Photos by Adrian Houston & Ana Lui

Set in a unique space surrounded by spectacular architecture, design and art within the Sabina Clubhouse, the Sabina Wellness offering had to meet an extraordinarily high standard set by its environment, its collaborators and its creators. The result is beyond imagination and takes wellbeing to a stratospheric level. Everything starts in the foundations, literally. The very walls are impregnated with Tachyon particles that are activated through condensation, becoming superconductors that create order out of chaos. From a healing perspective, these particles take the waters in the Sabina Holistic Wellness and Spa to their highest energetic potential, rejuvenating and balancing energy fields within the body and subsequently lowering stress and promoting a sense of contentment. Essentially, the Sabina Spa has been thoughtfully designed and constructed to bring guests to their higher purpose and natural state.

The space itself is a spectrum of gentle whites, smooth surfaces and the sounds of water flowing. It incorporates multiple wellness zones including a hammam, sauna, a gentle water-flow circuit and spa pool, sensorial showers, two treatment rooms – the Holistic Bioenergetic Sanctuary and the Body Temple – and The Studio, a space designed for fitness, yoga, Pilates, breathwork, dance classes, barre and personal training, in addition to workshops and a range of educational gatherings. A circular pool called the Flower of Life Spa Pool is crowned with a mural painted by artist Joaquin Vila. Titled Dream Time, it depicts a female form swirling with sacred geometry, traces of the ancient Phoenician goddess Tanit flow through her limbs and the roots of trees sprout through her body as she floats in space, completely at peace, calm and settled into the pureness of deep cosmic rest. She represents the time before creation where wisdom came from the earth and the non-physical. Her complete surrender to the cosmic forces that made her are exactly how one should feel after receiving treatments at Sabina Spa

With all these spaces in mind, the creator and key consultant of the Sabina Wellness menu Julieta Preguerman – a Bio Energetic Therapist and Life Coach herself – has created an experience of profound healing that goes above and beyond the cookie-cutter menus featured in other spas across the world. The treatments are out of the ordinary and yet there is something for everyone, everybody and every issue. Of course, the menu includes classic spa treatments one would expect from a world-class wellness centre, but it also moves beyond the confines of what the wellness industry dictates. Every aspect of the Sabina Spa experience is designed to realign the self. Bespoke programmes are built for the individual after an initial welcome, interview and coaching session with Julieta. “I get to know them a little,” she explains. “I find out where they are in their lives and speak with them about the therapies that will benefit them the most. Then I design a program specifically to suit their needs, be it for a weekend, a week or a few months. I follow their progress through the program and make changes if necessary.” 

Sessions may include anything from facials, beauty treatments and massages to breathwork, shamanic healing, IV therapies and fitness, plus life and business coaching, cooking and nutrition. Julieta has curated a list of 79 professionals and therapists, carefully vetting each one so they fit with her ethos and the philosophy of Sabina Wellness and the Sabina Spa. She carefully matches therapists with clients taking into consideration personalities, languages and comfort levels. “We make sure we work with the person in their totality,” Julieta says of her methods. So, if all you want is a deep tissue sports massage or a mani/pedi instead of a full program, that’s what you’ll get – there are no limitations.

It seems Julieta’s life’s work has always been leading towards this very moment. Her maternal grandfather discovered a natural saltwater spring in the outskirts of her native Buenos Aires, around which he built a therapeutic healing centre. She grew up in an atmosphere where inner and outer health were always prioritised. Her grandmother hails from a long line of South American tribal healers and on her father’s side is a slew of rabbinical scholars adept in the ways of the Kabbalah. It is no surprise that Julieta has followed in their footsteps, combining all of her knowledge and heritage into her mission to bring healing to others at Sabina Spa

Technologies both ancient and modern feature throughout the Sabina Spa experience. Ayurvedic techniques, Chinese medicine, lymphatic drainage, acupuncture, cupping and traditional massage methods are complemented with Quantec Pro and Quantic Spa, Bioenergetic Scanning and Bioresonance, Indiba radiofrequency massage, platelet-rich plasma cell therapy, IV therapy, bio resonance and Zytoenergese electronic cell regeneration. The physical realm is embellished with personal training, fitness coaching, yoga, Pilates, barre and Zumba. Additionally, Sabina Spa has a set of programs designed to support parents-to-be with everything from pregnancy massage to a complete birth support programme with a qualified midwife and doula. 

Aligning the physical with the metaphysical are treatments that dig deep into the conscious and subconscious being. Crystal therapies, shamanic drum journeys, Mayan cleansing ceremonies, numerology and energetic home clearing are just a few of the many modalities available. “The interior is just as important as the exterior,” says Julieta. “The goal is to be conscious of our energy and how we are in our day to day lives. When you understand what your body is saying, you can work to heal yourself.” This concept runs through every aspect of Sabina Spa, from the space to the therapists and the products used in treatments. It’s most noticeable in spa rituals that are designed to enhance natural beauty and restore equilibrium. 

Many of these rituals are built around the DoTerra range of ethically sourced organic essential oils, a brand Julieta has been working with for some time. More locally are the exquisite oils and tinctures from Ibiza based company, Aire, who use foraged wild herbs distilled and created under a biodynamic system. A third brand, La Encantada, comes from Barcelona where the family run business harvests raw ingredients from their own farm to create their products. As with every element of Sabina Spa, each product has been chosen for its integrity, ethics and sustainability. Whether you’re simply getting your hair styled or working towards mastering your monkey mind, Julieta and her team are with you every step of the way. “We approach everything from a holistic and integral perspective. This is the most important part of the Sabina Spa concept,” says Julieta. “We aim to harmonise your life.”