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MedSpa Ibiza introduces the current 'it facial' with the Hollywood A-list

HydraFacial® - the current ‘it facial’ with the Hollywood A-list - targets fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness, skin tone and vibrancy, texture, hyperpigmentation...

Renowned around the island (and indeed, around the world) for delivering first class health and beauty treatments, Anika Hölting – founder of Ibiza Balance mobile spa service – has her finger on the pulse of all the latest and greatest treatments and techniques. Understanding her clients want the very best led her to discover the award-winning HydraFacial®, a revolutionary, non-invasive skin technology hailing from Los Angeles that delivers instant results. Today, Anika and her team – who now have a permanent home in the all-new MedSpa Ibiza in the heart of Botafoch, which Anika co-founded alongside Nina Peter-Väth – offer HydraFacial® treatments to men and women of all ages, skin colours and types. Only available in-spa, due to the nature of the high tech machine used by a trained therapist during your treatment, HydraFacial® – the current ‘it facial’ with the Hollywood A-list – targets fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness, skin tone and vibrancy, texture, hyperpigmentation, congested skin, enlarged pores and advanced signs of ageing.

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The computer screen glows as you take your place on the relaxing bed in the treatment room, and your therapist customises the treatment to suit your skin’s needs. Working with a custom-designed ‘Vortex-Fusion’ tip, which is connected to a variety of serums, your therapist works to cleanse and completely exfoliate the skin, extracting impurities and dead skin cells while replenishing with vital hydration and nutrients. Working via temporarily opening your pores and cleansing them completely, the Vortex-Fusion tip delivers antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid while your skin is completely receptive to them, penetrating much more effectively than a traditional hand-applied facial.

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Specialists recommend applying the add-on Dermabuilder ampule (with three strengths available) after your HydraFacial® treatment, for strong anti-ageing effects that are similar to Botox, relaxing muscles and plumping out fine lines and wrinkles, but minus any of the invasive techniques, irritation or downtime associated with surgical procedures. Completely non-abrasive, HydraFacial® offers exceptional skin resurfacing results, without any damage to the skin – forget redness associated with laser or Microdermabrasion treatments – afterwards you can walk out of the clinic with flawless skin and get on with your day immediately. Used as a long-term skin solution, HydraFacial® can also improve skin tone, texture, breakouts and radiance – a superstar treatment for superstar skin.

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