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Advanced eyelash extension artist

Ibiza’s most in-demand eyelash extension expert is Jayne Brami, founder of Lash By Jayne…

Ibiza’s most in-demand eyelash extension expert, Jayne Brami – founder of Lash By Jayne – has been beautifying island chicas (and a few guys!) with luscious and luxurious lashes since 2009.

From soft, flirty and fluttery for natural-looking brides to voluminous and sultry for seductresses and party princesses, Jayne designs the look you desire, then applies it in the comfort of her relaxed private studio in San Jordi, with utmost precision thanks to years of experience, natural artistry and ongoing training. Always staying one step ahead of the curve and exploring new techniques and products as they develop, Jayne offers her very own 5-star premium branded range of eyelashes for fellow professionals, along with deluxe European-made eyelash adhesive. And for those who would like to stimulate natural eyelash growth between appointments, there’s Lash By Jayne Lash Maximiser, a unique eyelash and eyebrow enhancing serum, with conditioning, moisturising and strengthening ingredients that work naturally to improve overall appearance of the lashes and brows.

As global trends in eyelash extensions gravitate away from length to a more voluminous look, professional techniques and lashes are developing to accommodate.  The high-demand Russian Volume lashes are super lightweight and soft individual lashes that can be applied, with an expertly trained precision hand, directly onto the natural lash, creating a more personalised look based on your own eye shape, and desired appearance. By creating her own range of feather soft lashes and using these latest techniques, Jayne is able to build on the existing natural lash and add up to two, six, or even 16 more lashes – that’s per individual lash – in a fan shape for a full and fluffy voluptuous lash, whilst using much less adhesive than was previously possible. Forget 3D ladies – it’s all about upgrading and enhancing to the D that suits you (hello 16D – va va voom!) to create an even more sultry eye with a much safer finish.

For Jayne, teaching and developing her own range of lashes was a natural extension of her business. Over time, her clients – who hail from all over the globe, not just Ibiza – would ask her to train their local technicians and buy her premium range of products, so they could achieve high-quality top ups in between Ibiza visits and Jayne happily complied – after all, she was helping to raise industry standards. Then, during a recent visit to one of the world’s premier beauty trade shows, Jayne worked alongside global experts in eyelash extension adhesive to develop a high quality, European-made and naturally safe glue product as part of her range too – all now available on the Lash By Jayne website. Non-professionals too, can stock up via her website with the new Lash By Jayne Lash Maximiser perfect for taking care of lashes in between appointments or simply for making the most of what nature has already blessed you with. A lavish serum designed to condition and moisturise your lashes, the rich ingredients synergistically work together to enhance and even strengthen your natural lash, for an improved appearance with no side effects on the eyes. Within a matter of weeks, lashes seem longer, fuller and can be noticeably softer, as a result of the luxurious treatment.

Of course, nothing beats a consultation with the self-confessed, lash-obsessed expert herself and for a consultation with Jayne in person throughout summer, prior appointments are a must. Her studio in San Jordi is the ideal place to lie back and have your peepers perfected, and the results are testament to her reputation as Ibiza’s number one lash extension artist. Having recently attended an international lash conference and received new certifications on top of her ten years of experience, with Lash By Jayne, you’re in the very best of highly skilled hands.