Set on the island’s northwest coast, Benirrás is one of Ibiza’s most talked about sunset destinations.

Location North East, Ibiza, Spain  View on a map
First impression Boho beach days and spectacular sunsets
Editor’s pick Sunday sunset bongo rituals
Food & drink Elements Ibiza
Where to stay Can Zama, Can Talaias, The Giri Residence

Set on the island’s northwest coast, Benirrás is now one of Ibiza’s most talked about sunset destinations after decades of being a closely guarded local secret. These days, it’s a must-visit for holidaymakers, especially on Sundays when the island’s drumming community come together for the iconic sunset experience that is like no other.

The medium sized bay is made up of rocky, grainy sand and almost unbelievably clear water. Rising dramatically out of the sea is Cap Bernat, a striking rock formation locals call ‘The Hand of God’ (just one look at the shape will explain it) which makes an incredibly impressive focal point as the sun sets behind it. Very popular with families, bohemian hippy types and plenty of Ibiza’s tight knit northern community, you’ll also find plenty of animals running around at Benirrás – everyone’s welcome!

You do need to arrive to Benirrás a little early on a Sunday to ensure you get a good spot on the beach for the hippie drumming performance. Due to congestion, cars are not permitted to drive down on Sundays, but regular shuttle buses take you from the parking lot at Can Curune direct to the beach. From around 8pm, musicians descend on the sand and slowly but surely, each bongo beat is joined by another, then another, and another, until after the sun goes down, turning the sky into a blaze of orange and red before darkness finally falls.

After the ritual of drumming the sun to sleep, beautiful beach restaurant Elements Ibiza on the right-hand side of the beach is the place to be, with music, delicious organic Mediterranean cuisine, amazing cocktails and a great selection of fine wines. It is here where you can really experience the authentic spirit of Ibiza, from 9pm until very late.