Ibiza wellness

Surrender in paradise

The Atzarò Spa is a place where time slips away, replaced instead by the present.

The link between wellbeing and a connection to nature has been documented for centuries. As humans, it’s clear we benefit in myriad ways from being outdoors – our psyches and the natural world are intrinsically linked.

This is why in times of turmoil we find calm in a stroll by the sea, and when we go in search of peace, it’s often found at the top of a mountain. This also explains why the world’s best spas exist in symbiosis with the lush potency of nature, and why in Ibiza, one of the most highly regarded wellness centres is set within the grounds of Agroturismo Atzaró. An effortless oasis of tranquility, Agroturismo Atzaró is located in the natural heartland of the island in San Lorenzo. Surrounded by abundant, pine-topped hills, verdant fields of local herbs and the zesty, intoxicating fragrance of its world-famous orange groves, this green-tinged setting sings with all the elements required for optimum luxurious seclusion. Rooted in rich Ibicenco history – the original Atzaró finca has been in the same family for generations – this is where guests come for rest, recovery and rejuvenation, all to be experienced in an authentic atmosphere that demands total surrender.

The Atzaró Spa insists on further renunciation of the responsibilities that come as part and parcel of busy lives, instead suggesting you leave all stresses and strains at the door. Here is a place where time slips away, replaced only by the present, as well as an opportunity to sink into a state of placid, all-encompassing bliss. Lounge on a rustic wooden daybed, shaded by an orange tree, take a dip in the stunning rectangular pool that stretches the length of the garden, and then succumb to the expertise of highly-trained therapists at the spa – your personal wellness journey begins here. Naturally, this process is different for everyone, but Atzaró Spa caters for every wellness requirement – be it physically or mentally related – and its services are open to both hotel guests and visitors. In fact, such is Atzaró Spa’s dedication to delivering the perfect treatment that the team behind it have developed an entirely unique range of treatments and products, found nowhere else on the island. There’s the Atzaró Mediterranean Ritual for example, an exfoliating and organic treatment applied using products from Ibiza; the Atzaró Integration Massage, inspired by a combination of Swedish, Balinese and Thai techniques, and the Atzaró Hot Stone Massage, a bespoke fusion of the spa’s signature massage and traditional hot stone techniques.

Elsewhere, there’s a lengthy selection of superb wellness and beauty treatments, all designed to leave you feeling refreshed and revived – and importantly, all curated by a team of clued-up skin experts. Facials include the Natura Bissé Diamond Lifting Multisensorial, which brightens and regenerates while improving elasticity – the perfect anti-ageing regimen, plus the Natura Bissé O2 Relax, which flushes out toxins from the skin using pure oxygen, and a range of additional facials tailored to suit every skin type. The massage and therapy menu is equally diverse. Try the deep tissue massage for relieving pent up tension in the shoulders, neck and head; the healing technique of Reiki to help regulate the vital energy that flows throughout the body; or the ancient Japanese technique of reflexology to specifically target problem areas. Guests can also indulge themselves with an Ayurvedic head and shoulder massage, a classic manicure or pedicure and of course, a variety of waxing options are also available. Everything you need to feel refreshed and restored – inside and out – is within easy reach.

It goes without saying that personal wellness doesn’t end there. Long after you’ve left the comforting embrace of the treatment room, you’re able to continue the journey with the range of products available. From Burbujas oils – made from local Ibiza herbs – that relax and restore, to Campos de Ibiza perfumes and Atzaró’s very own orange scented candles, it’s possible to take a little essence of the spa experience home with you so that in moments of need, a gentle waft of subtle scent can transport you back into a dreamlike, meditative state. If you want to take the journey a little deeper, delving deep into what makes your mind, body and soul tick, there’s also a fitness and yoga club onsite to help nudge you in the right direction – also open to the public. From hatha yoga and vinyasa flow to Pilates, tonification and lessons in pranayama and meditation, there are a range of experts on hand to offer guidance. In addition, spa day passes are now available for guests who aren’t using the spa (with a minimum spend required per daybed), so you can work up a sweat in the fully equipped gym before winding down in the sauna, hammam, pool and surrounding luxurious gardens, before cooling off with a freshly-pressed juice or healthy snack from the all-new spa menu.

Much like the treatments offered at the Atzaró Spa, the ethos here is in wellness that extends to every part of the mind and body, all delivered in the kind of authentically luxurious surroundings that you’ve come to expect from Atzaró. Slow down, take some time out for yourself, and relish in the unrivalled ambience created by a true Ibiza paradise.

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