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Here we go again!

Miss W shares her hot tips for the season ahead

Here we go again! The wonderful winter has come to a close, and Ibiza is alive with the smell of fresh paint, the sound of suitcases being rolled across the cobbled streets, the warmth of the sun and the energy of all the new and returning visitors, ready to embrace the summer of 2014.

As our favourite restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels prepare to reopen (in fact as I quickly do a mental check while I type, many of them have already opened in time for Easter! Hurrah!), there is also plenty of hype (and rumour) surrounding this year’s new additions to our social scene.

Have you heard the one about the entrepreneurial duo behind our favourite upmarket beach restaurant taking over the old La Sal Rossa (no doubt to be renamed imminently), giving it a new lease on life but also planning to host some cool underground events (like the venue’s famed Cocoon after parties) over the summer?

Or have you heard the one about a certain internationally famed beach club planning on throwing OTT parties on the rooftop of Aguas de Ibiza? Or the slick city sushi restaurant bringing its deluxe vibes to the open-air terrace of La Torre del Canonigo, right at the very top of Dalt Vila?

Did you hear the whispers of the Monday night head-to-head battle between Pacha and Booom!? Is Manumission really returning and do they really have what it takes to rival the new Ibiza Rocks event? Have you heard the one about a certain gangly-armed DJ leaving his long-term Cocoon post? We’re sure you’ve already heard about the Guetta power divorce… and who got custody of all the costumes!

Madonna, Rihanna, Prince, Jamiroquai or AC/DC – who will be the one to headline the inaugural Hard Rock Hotel event? Or grace the stages of our super clubs? Did you hear the rumour that Paris Hilton is on the hunt for a new Ibiza home? We heard that a billionaire Dutch playboy is selling his Dalt Vila palace because the renovations were just too much like hard work… perhaps they should meet!

Speaking of the Hard Rock Hotel, have you heard it is also going to be home to a restaurant where you can expect to pay 18,000€ for a dinner for two? And while on the subject of gourmet cuisine… did you hear the one about Gordon Ramsay planning on invading the island and giving tips to all the British-owned restaurants?

Have you heard the one about White Ibiza being up for sale? (We were pretty amused to hear that one here at the brand spanking new White Ibiza HQ!)

So what have YOU heard? Go on, tell me… I promise I can keep a secret!

P.S. We can’t wait to tell you what we’ve heard about this hot new location… but for now, we’ve sworn to secrecy. More news to come in May…