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I heard a rumour…

Miss W’s secrets #13 - BEACHOUSE Ibiza

Rumour has it that there’s a new player on the Ibiza Sunday party schedule, stealing the spotlight from some of the bigger, more well known names.

Rumour has it that there’s a sea of people on the beach at Playa D’en Bossa clamouring to be part of the action. Rumour has it you’ve got to arrive early to score a good spot on the dance floor. Rumour has it all eyes are on Guy Gerber to see if he can recreate that day-to-night magic of the Cocoon after parties that were held in the same location (in its former incarnation) with his RUMORS party.

The FACT is, Guy Gerber has absolutely nailed it with his Sunday RUMORS residency at hot new Playa d’en Bossa beach restaurant BEACHOUSE Ibiza.

I know. I was there. However there were a lot of other rumours circulating the venue on the night, so obviously, I had to go on a fact finding mission to get the lowdown. Results below.

Rumour: Everyone at the Rumors party at BEACHOUSE Ibiza is really, really, really ridiculously good looking.
Fact: Everyone at the Rumors party at BEACHOUSE Ibiza is really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

Rumour: Guy Gerber is so commercial now he’s collaborating with Puff Daddy.
Fact: Well… I must admit there were a lot of people at the front of the DJ booth clamouring to snap his picture with their mobile phones, but isn’t that just a sign of the selfie/social media times? And considering the fact that the Gerber and Diddy album only came out on Monday – the day after the party – how can you make that judgement?

Rumour: Ravers won’t go to a restaurant for a party.
Fact: It’s a free party with Guy Gerber. Who in their right mind WOULDN’T go? And what a beautiful location, with skies turning pink and purple over the palm trees at sunset, sand dunes surrounding you and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea stretched out ahead.

Rumour: There were couples getting frisky – if you get my drift – out on the sand in full view of the party.
Fact: This is Ibiza. No one cares, or batted an eyelid quite frankly.

Rumour: The all-new uniform for Ibiza clubbers is long black tees for boys and any kind of crocheted top, dress, skirt or bikini for girls.
Fact: There was more crochet per square metre than at a knitting party in the ‘70s and there was a bit of a goth-like feel among the dudes. Come on guys, Enter is on Thursdays – get creative like the man behind the decks, who is known for being partial to a Hawaiian shirt or two!

Rumour: Other Ibiza DJs were sniffing around, trying to work out the secret to Rumors’ success.
Fact: I spotted Richie Hawtin, Dan Ghenacia and Felix Da Housecat in the hood…

Rumour: It was mayhem after 10pm.
Fact: As a matter of fact, it was totally organised mayhem. If, like me, you were paying attention to your surroundings, you’d spot the crack team of BEACHOUSE Ibiza hostesses, managers, security guards (looking slick by the way boys – love the jewellery!) and promoters expertly weaving their way across pre-determined paths through the restaurant, serving drinks, communicating via little microphones and keeping everything under control. This is pure party professionalism.

Rumour: People were so desperate to get close to the action of the DJ booth, they were offering double the price of a VIP table to ensure they scored prime position.
Fact: Anyone with the determination to wangle their way through the sea of people on the stairs can get close to the DJ booth… although not with a bottle of Grey Goose at your disposal!

Rumour: Miss W forgot to Instagram her way through the evening, so was she ever actually there? If a selfie of the event doesn’t exist, did it really happen?
Fact: I tried. The proof is in my lame Instagram posts. The body-to-body ratio of people in the venue combined with balancing a drink in hand made it pretty tricky to manoeuvre your phone from your bag, let alone snap atmospheric images… most of mine are a blur (hmm, a bit like my memory the next day!).

Rumour: Ibiza beach parties just aren’t the same anymore… it’s all for tourists.
Fact: Oh get a grip old timers. I totally felt the old school Ibiza vibe in full force at Rumors, with plenty of familiar faces propping up the bar, chilling on the beach and dancing with reckless abandonment in the sand!

Rumour: It’s absolutely impossible to park in Playa d’en Bossa on a Sunday.
Fact: This is true, however the fact the valets had a slick operation of cars parked three-deep all the way up and down the street means not only do you have to NOT worry about parking, they’ll deliver it back to the door for you later. Or catch a taxi folks – drink driving is so 1997.

Rumour: The after parties are just getting more and more crazy each week.
Fact: You had to be there to find out!