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Sushi & sunset… on a school night!

Miss W’s secrets #14 - Cotton Beach Club

Finally! The end is nigh… the end of August – obvs. September is so close I can practically smell it…

Photo: emanuelgesang.com

Finally! The end is nigh… the end of August – obvs. September is so close I can practically smell it… and funnily enough, here at White Ibiza HQ, our deadline pressure is actually easing off for the first time since March (shh! don’t tell the boss!) and we’re finally getting some time to take our lily white computer-tanned skins into the sunshine and enjoy spending time in some of the amazing places we’ve been writing about all summer!

You see, even though it looks like we spend our days lolling about on sun beds, eating the very finest food and basically lapping up the luxury of Ibiza, it’s more of a case of dash in, grab 20 minutes with the owner/chef/manager before they are dragged off to their next clients and survey the venue, snap the food and then dash off to the next venue to do it all again. On the plus side, we do get to experience more cool locations in a day than most people do in their entire holidays, but on the downside, it always leaves you wanting more… like the chance to loll around on a sunbed, the chance to savour the delicious food and yep, lap up the luxury of Ibiza!

So when we realised at 4pm yesterday, that all newsletters had been sent, emails had been answered, magazines were published, interviews transcribed, articles written, photos edited, shop orders sent and even the office was cleaned and tidied… well, we had no other choice than to pack up for the day and get out there and ENJOY this beautiful island we call home. Catching the sunset was our main priority, and there was only one place we wanted to view it from – the all-new Rooftop Sushi Bar at Cotton Beach Club on Cala Tarida.

Of course, it wasn’t easy letting go, leaving all our work (ahem) troubles behind, trying to relax under these trying circumstances and difficult conditions, honestly. There was a constant battle between my inner ‘work voice’ and my own voice. It was quite exhausting actually. I think I might need a sun lounger to go and lie down on after all that. Someone please pass the champagne. And the sushi.

Work thought: I instinctively started to compose the first sentence of my next article about Cotton Beach… ‘As we ascended the stairway (to heaven, I thought with a grin) to the Rooftop Sushi Bar…’
Miss W thought: SHUT UP BRAIN! You’re here for fun, not to make silly dad jokes. Oooh, but what a stunning view to arrive to – you practically feel like you’re in the sky… maybe it is like a stairway to heaven after all.

Work thought: Lucky I brought my iPad and iPhone with me. Definitely need to Instagram this. Must make notes for future reference. The stunning beauty of this location is inspiring me.
Miss W thought: Ohhhh… maybe I’ll pretend there’s no internet service here and make all my Instagram posts tomorrow. I just wanna relax…

Work thought: Sunlounger testing is a tough job: Check it for quality – yup, sturdy, yup, comfortable, yup, huge. Impressive view, check. Proximity to bar – perfect.
Miss W thought: Winning! Pull those pretty white curtains to the side and no one will see me slacking off and snoozing here in the sun. Oh wait – it’s my afternoon off… I can sleep in public!

Work thought: I wonder if any of the stylish chicas sipping cocktails and champagne will ask me where my Dancing Leopard jumpsuit is from (White Ibiza boutique of course). Did I bring business cards? Do I look like a good representation of our brand?
Miss W thought: Dammit, I wish I’d brought a bikini! The sunshine on this rooftop is seriously GLORIOUS! And everyone else is wearing one, I kind of feel left out… Do White Ibiza deliver store purchases direct to day beds?

Work thought: Must remember to compliment the Cotton Beach Club owners on the quality of service offered by their staff. Smiley, happy people, and nothing at all was too much trouble.
Miss W thought: Oooh, aren’t the waiters cute?

Work thought: Must take photos of the menu for future reference and ask the sushi chef where he sources his ingredients, what the inspiration behind the dishes was and remember to check what the signature dish is (For the record, all sourced fresh here in Ibiza, the secret to the perfect form and light, fresh tasting deliciousness of each roll is preparing the rice fresh daily, which means starting three hours before service commences – that’s dedication to the sushi cause – and the signature roll is (obviously) the Cotton Roll, torched Norwegian salmon, cucumber, avocado, tanuki (the crispy bites inside that are similar to tempura) with wasabi mayo and unagi sauce.

Miss W thought: YUM! I’ll have a Hot Tuna roll, a Cotton Roll and some sashimi. Mmm, and maybe a cocktail. Or Sangria de Cava… or both! Must remember to return and try the Cala Tarida roll next time… And thanks to the chef for creating a vegetarian version of the Cotton Roll for my friend. Will be telling absolutely everyone I’ve ever met that this was by far and away one of the best sushi experiences I’ve ever had in Ibiza!

Work thought: Who do you think the people up here on the rooftop are? Should I mingle? Networtk? Can I make some interesting contacts here?
Miss W thought: Let everyone relax and enjoy their holiday… no one wants to talk about work at a gorgeous rooftop bar anyway!

Work thought: Remember to check the names of the resident DJs (Dalibor Dadoff, FYI), find out if there are any special guests (live bands and singers throughout the week on the terrace) and shazam a few songs here or there so I can write about them later.
Miss W thought: Is it OK to spontaneously dance on my sun lounger? This music is wicked! When I complimented the DJ on the music, I was rewarded with an awesome Cotton Beach Club USB stick chock-full of Balearic beats and grooves in the style of the restaurant, so THANK YOU. That’s my new playlist listening sorted!

Work thought: Ah, good to see the original Ibiza Angels are in place here at Cotton Beach Club. I wonder if I could pretend I’m working and score a massage as part of a future write up? Would that be unprofessional?
Miss W thought: Oh pretty! A flock of angels ascending that stairway to heaven. Why yes I’d love a head, neck and shoulder massage please. Hope you don’t mind of I drift off…

Work thought: It’s late August, the sun sets at approximately 8.32pm… ooh, is that another cocktail? Yes please!
Miss W thought: I might cry. It’s just so stunning I might honestly cry. Or clap – is it cool to clap? Quick, quick, let’s get a selfie with the sunset!