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The 1 word you need to know in Ibiza

REBAJAS. It all depends which language you speak of course but keep your eyes out for this very important Spanish word displayed in the windows of Ibiza’s best shops and boutiques this week.

REBAJAS. It all depends which language you speak of course but keep your eyes out for this very important Spanish word displayed in the windows of Ibiza’s best shops and boutiques this week (and for the next few weeks). If you didn’t know already, rebajas translates to one of my favourite words in the world: Sales. Rebates. Reductions. Discounts. Aka, SHOPPING.

But before you venture out there to check out the Ibiza sales for yourself, let me give you 10 top tips based on my experiences ‘in the field’ this week – all in the name of research of course!

1. Do not shop after 7pm. If sadly, you must be in the office til then and after hours shopping is unavoidable, try and wait a little later until the peak shopping traffic dies down. Alternatively, invest in some protective headgear and get set for battle. For me, early morning is the best time to shop – the sales girls and guys aren’t yet in cranky moods, everything is in its place on the shop floor and there aren’t any irritating holiday shoppers as they’re all still sleeping off last night in their plush hotels.

2. Sure, snapping up a bargain in the high street stores might be tempting but make these your final destination. You’ll find super cool hidden gems, unique pieces and one-offs in Ibiza’s back streets, cobbled laneways and cool port shopping district. My favourites:07800 Ibiza for one-of-a-kind hippy handbags and incredible boots; Beautiful Creatures for the coolest colourful jewellery on the island and Las Noches Ibiza to indulge your inner magpie on sparkly stuff!

3. Shop for your (real life) size. Fashion items on sale seem to have the ability to all-too-easily convince us to buy something that’s not necessarily the perfect fit. ‘I’ll wear it when I’ve lost five kilos,’ is my classic for a too-small bikini. ‘I’ll just have some alterations done,’ is another for a too-long maxi dress and a size too large (but oh-so-gorgeous) camisole and ‘This will look amazing when I have a deep, golden tan,’ for a nude chiffon dress that will, let’s be honest, NEVER, EVER suit my pale complexion.

4. Shop for your personal style too – you know that phrase what happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza? It’s kind of the same for fashion. You might wear a fluoro crop top, sequined high-waisted shorts or an ostrich-inspired feather skirt in a club here, but would it ever come out of your wardrobe at home? I’m just saying… I’ve learnt my lesson from buying Mad Men-esque tailored pieces that are still sitting unworn in my wardrobe. I live in Ibiza and I work from home – Betty/Megan Draper I am not!

5. Always, try before you buy, no matter how long the change room queue is. Or how many millions of items the person in front of you might be holding or how late you are for an appintment. Nobody wants to schlep through town just to return a 5.99€ skirt in the middle of August.

6. A good rule of thumb to use while shopping is if you didn’t want it when it was full price, you probably don’t want it now. Seriously. Trust me (and my full wardrobe) on this one. Case in question, see 1, 3, 4 and, erm, 5.

7. Really great items to look for in Ibiza at sale time are bags, sunglasses and bikinis. Winter stock is arriving despite the fact the sun is out in all its glory, meaning you can still score summer gear for up to 70 percent off and even get to wear it in season! As an aside, this week I also noticed a lot of last year’s winter stock back in rotation on the racks at sale prices. Fine for basics, like scarves, turtlenecks and tights. Not for trends – clearly they are soooo last season.

8. Think carefully before putting something back on the rack. It’s not like the beginning of the season, when you can go away, think about a top and if it’s still on your mind after 24 hours return to buy it. Nope, the shelf life for sale stock can be smaller than a pint of milk outside on a hot August day. On the other hand… if you can wait, second sales see items reduced to virtually nothing

9. Don’t think of what you’re spending; think of what you’re saving! My 60€ D&G bikini actually saved me 140€.

10. Lost? Don’t know where to start shopping in Ibiza? Pick up your copy of the White Ibiza Shop In Style map (found in most good retailers and hotels around the island – or just click here for the online version) and let us take you on a shopping tour. But don’t say we didn’t warn you – this little baby, although free, can cause some major damage on the old credit card!