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Ibiza wasn’t built in a day

Miss W answers the annual question - when will summer end?

I received an email from a friend earlier this week - let’s call her Miss EC - that asked the simple question: When will summer start?

I received an email from a friend earlier this week – let’s call her Miss EC – that asked the simple question: When will summer start? I pressed the reply button faster than you can say ‘opening party’ and retorted: Are you kidding? When will summer end?

You see, for some people in Ibiza – let’s call them ME – April is like August. There are more to-do lists piling up on each other than stacks of club tickets on the door of a David Guetta party, the email inbox seems to be constantly growing and the meetings, appointments, photoshoots, go-sees, meet-and-greets, castings and of course, openings are never-ending. With all of this extra stuff going on… when do we get the chance to do our actual jobs?

I know I’m not the only one. Retreat hosts are busily planning their season schedules and prepping their villas before the first clients arrived. Villa owners are cleaning, painting and redecorating in time for the endless stream of summer guests. Restaurant owners are trying desperately to find the right staff, suppliers and chefs and get them trained up in time for the busy period. Fashion designers are looking for models, hair and make-up artists and photographers to get their new season’s collections captured on camera in time to sell online. Ticket sellers are loading up their events online to ensure partygoers can plan their trips in advance and boat charter companies are splashing around getting their boats sea-worthy in time for the sea of charter clients wanting to go to Formentera.

Ibiza, it seems, wasn’t built in a day!

I couldn’t type fast enough if I tried this month (and believe me I’ve tried – there are only so many Red Bulls you can handle before your fingers start shaking and you can’t type any more) and words are swimming around in my brain even as I’m sleeping (does this happen to chefs with food?). My boyfriend thinks I’m chained to my office and computer and to be honest, he’s not all that wrong at this time of year… but here’s the most important thing: I absolutely love it! How exciting to be involved in the buildup of what has to be one of the most famous summer holiday and party locations in the world! And how lucky am I, getting to see it from so many different perspectives via my job? I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

As with everything in life, these things come in waves, and while this is our busiest period at White Ibiza – building websites, creating web content, running social media accounts, publishing magazines, launching an online shop and setting up a beach boutique, you know, the usual – I know that later in the summer I’ll be taking my daily lunch breaks on the beach right near our office and sipping cocktails on my rooftop at sunset, shopping in town and at hippy markets on Saturdays and cruising the island’s road’s every Sunday looking for a new adventure. Emails? What emails. The airwaves go crazily quiet in August as everyone’s busy doing their own thing, leaving me to do mine.

Anyway, I digress. It turns out in the end Miss EC wasn’t actually talking about the impending party season, she was merely commenting on the crazy wind storms we’d had last weekend. Oops. My bad. Shouldn’t have pressed reply so quickly. You see, I AM totally looking forward to the start of the summer too, as you can probably tell by the paragraph above.

So yes, Miss EC, I’m with you – when is summer going to start?