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Oceanic x Ibiza

There’s been a lot of talk about Oceanic x Ibiza over the past few days in Ibiza and one of the things I am constantly being asked (as resident...

There’s been a lot of talk about Oceanic x Ibiza over the past few days in Ibiza and one of the things I am constantly being asked (as resident know-it-all) is, what actually IS it?

Because depending on who you talk to, what websites you read, what Facebook groups you follow, which events you RSVP to and which videos you watch, there are indeed some mixed messages out there. In the interest of clearing things up, what you need to know first and foremost, is that Oceanic x Ibiza is an event. An event that is taking place tomorrow from 5pm. And that event has just announced it is moving to an all-new location: Agroturismo Atzaró. Let’s not worry about the who, what, when or why of the reasons the event has been moved. Just be happy about the where! Oceanic x Ibiza has found such a beautiful new home, one that is totally equipped for locals and holidaymakers alike to have a good time. So now we’ve all got our bearings, we know where we need to be headed, what can we expect? The newly ‘reimagined’ event is designed to be immersive and educational, with a focus on raising awareness of water conservation in Ibiza. (My inner school teacher really wants to correct every piece of press that says ocean – we’re in the Med people. The Mediterranean SEA. But hey, it’s a good cause so I will put my red pen away.)

The list of guest speakers at Oceanic x Ibiza is pretty damn impressive. There are more than 20 leading conservationists from around the world getting set to share their thoughts, feelings, ideas and solutions via panels, workshops and discussions. Some of the standouts include Oceana board member Susan Rockerfeller, National Geographic photographer Manu San Felix, Parsons School of Design Dean Burak Cakmak, Plastic Bank founder David Katz and Petter Malvik from the United Nations Clean Seas Campaign. If those names don’t mean anything to you, don’t worry (I confess to ignorance with some – the good thing is, it means we’ll learn something) – there’s also eye candy! It seems all those scenes in Entourage playing Aquaman really must have influenced Hollywood actor Adrian Grenier, who also just so happens to be the co-founder of the Lonely Whale Foundation and a UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador. He’ll be speaking at Oceanic x Ibiza too.

Oceanic x Ibiza : July 20th from Oceanic Global on Vimeo.

Atzaró will be immersed in ocean (sea!) inspired art for the occasion, with a variety of international and local names displaying works created to draw attention to the event’s message. These include Alvaro Soler Arpa, Jorges P. Bruges, Soundwalk Collective, Roseline de Thelin and Marc Osmo among others, while students from New York’s Parsons School of Design are showcasing fashion crafted from upcycled plastics throughout the event. It’s not only students from overseas who are taking part. Ibiza’s very own Morna Valley school are displaying a 12-metre long art project created from recycled plastic water bottles – something they’ve been educated about and working on over the past months as part of Oceanic Global’s ocean (sea!) education curriculum. Kids are more than welcome to attend Oceanic x Ibiza, with a dedicated children’s space featuring live educational performances and interactions.

Oceanic x Ibiza 2 from Oceanic Global on Vimeo.

Technology comes into play at Oceanic x Ibiza too, with 10 augmented reality experiences and 360 virtual reality stations showcasing content designed to really show you, almost allowing you to feel for yourself, what’s happening beneath the surface of our waters. You can expect to see things like the natural beauty of the sea juxtaposed against the destructive impact of plastic, or the unnecessary over-consumption of seafood. And while it may sound like doom and gloom, it will open your eyes to the reality of it all, and you can learn about the solutions that are at hand. You can stroll down what’s been dubbed the ‘eco-boulevard’, where 20 local and international businesses at the forefront of sustainable innovation have been invited to showcase their wares. Think environmentally friendly solutions in terms of food, fashion, technology and consumer goods. The Oceanic Global hashtag #ourchoicesmatter really comes into play here. We have the power to change the future – starting locally, and working towards globally – so it’s important we make the right decisions when it comes to these things. Our education starts here.

Oceanic x Ibiza 3 from Oceanic Global on Vimeo.

Finally, for everyone who’s been asking… the formerly advertised electronic music element of the event has indeed been cancelled. The new press information promises ‘surprise musical guests to be announced’ tomorrow, however even Little Miss Know-It-All can’t be sure that a festival style dance party is going to take place (yet). You know what – you’ll have to just go there and see for yourself. The event is now free for one and all, with donations accepted at the door, so there’s really no excuse not to go and enlighten yourself! It’s also important to note, all donations stay right here on the white isle, going towards worthy causes that help preserve our beautiful Balearic Sea.

And if you can’t be in Ibiza, but you wish to donate anyway, visit the Oceanic Global website where you can use the magic of the internet to make a contribution. Every little bit helps. At the moment, there are parts of the ocean (sea!) that contain six times more plastic than marine life. 70-percent of the world’s fish are fully exploited or depleted. Every year we throw away enough plastic to circle the earth FOUR TIMES. (thanks to Oceanic for the not-so-fun-facts). What is wrong with this picture? And more importantly… how can we help? See you at Oceanic x Ibiza tomorrow to find out. And remember… it’s at Atzaró!