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Ottolenghi at Atzaró – A culinary first for Ibiza

Acclaimed chef, author and restaurateur Yotam Ottolenghi hosts a very special evening in the Atzaró Vegetable Garden this Saturday.

Ottolenghi at Atzaró offers islanders the rare opportunity to dine on a five-course feast created by one of the world’s most celebrated chefs in one of the island’s most stunning settings. The intimate, community gathering takes place this Saturday night in the incredible Atzaró Vegetable Garden and promises to be an unforgettable night of fun, flavour-filled food, friends and just a touch of Ibiza magic.

Words: Danni Landa

Ibiza gourmands, take note – all gastronomic roads lead to the bucolic countryside of San Lorenzo this Saturday evening, where globally revered chef, author and restaurateur Yotam Ottolenghi hosts a very special sharing dinner in collaboration with Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel. An intimate, community-style event designed to tantalise the tastebuds and transport diners into a world of edible wonder, Ottolenghi at Atzaró takes place within the glorious Atzaró Vegetable Garden from 8pm – the magnificent three-hectare organic garden providing the perfect backdrop for the five-course feast curated by Yotam himself.

When it comes to cuisine, the chef-patron of the Ottolenghi Deli and Restaurant Group is a true trailblazer, having hugely influenced the way much of the world cooks and eats ever since he opened the doors to his very first deli and bakery in 2002 and launched his first cookbook (of many) in 2008. His philosophy is based on vibrant and colourful dishes, bold flavour combinations, and innovative use of herbs and spices. Television specials, more cookbooks, a regular column in The Guardian, and a string of successful restaurants and delis across London made Ottolenghi a household name, and the culinary phenomenon known as ‘the Ottolenghi effect’ has significantly shifted modern gastronomy via an adventurous foray into a vegetable-centric approach to cooking and eating. And now, it is the chef’s time to shine here in Ibiza with his first ever island event, Ottolenghi at Atzaró.

Arrive at Ottolenghi at Atzaró at 8pm to enjoy welcome drinks and live music as the setting sun casts a golden tint across the charming walkways, terraces and meticulously tended organic vegetable patches of the Atzaró Vegetable Garden – the authentic heart of Ibiza. Bright pink bougainvillea dusts the vistas and the scent of night jasmine drifts past long wooden tables shaded by olive, palm and pine trees, and beautifully set with crisp linens, flickering candles and rustic, natural decoration. Here, guests will take their seats – bookings for groups of four or six are recommended for easy conversation and sharing over the course of the night – as Ottolenghi himself will welcome you to the event and introduce you to the evening’s concept.

Ottolenghi at Atzaró features a five-course, sharing-style dinner that showcases a harmonious blend of Ottolenghi’s unmistakable style, the organic bounty sourced directly from the Atzaró Vegetable Garden, just metres away from your table, and non-vegetable elements that have been sourced locally. Expect dishes that dance with delight across the palate, each moment carefully crafted to pay homage to the vibrant spirit of Ibiza and Ottolenghi’s Israeli roots, as the chef and his talented team brings the carefully considered menu – created just for this event – to life. A pairing of local wines has been selected to complement the cuisine, creating the perfect union of Ibiza flavours and Ottolenghi’s iconic style.

The first taste of virtuosity arrives as honeyed, caramelised onions doused in a fresh herb salsa and served with crudité from Atzaró Vegetable Garden, served alongside grilled pimientos de padrón with muhammara – roasted red pepper dip – topped with walnuts and a sticky pomegranate molasses. Ibiza’s world-famous tomatoes (also from the Atzaró Vegetable Garden) are served with confit herbs and a scattering of sesame while a black lime focaccia is a tangy moment ensconced within the bounciness of homemade bread. As the wine and conversation flow at Ottolenghi at Atzaró, diners are not only seduced by the flavours of each dish but by the soft melodies of Flamenco guitar travelling across the gardens, a perfectly calibrated collaboration of the senses.

Main dishes at Ottolenghi at Atzaró present a wonderful melange of flavours. Roasted aubergine comes with feta cream, chermoula and orange; chargrilled zucchini is layered with Manchego cheese, steeped in burnt butter and sprinkled with pine nuts. A tender lamb shawarma appears with pita pockets slathered in sumac tahini, stuffed with mint salad, and dusted with pomegranate arils. The white flesh of celeriac arrives on skewers basted in a fragrant chilli oil accompanied by a refreshing herb salad and toum – an Israeli relative of alioli. To end the meal, Ottolenghi’s fabled pavlova reflects the colours of sunset at Atzaró Agroturismo Hotel with apricots, orange blossom and crushed pistachio.

This extraordinary night of gourmet excellence reaches its crescendo with a rare chance to connect with the legend himself. Ottolenghi will be signing copies of his bestselling book, Flavour, for each guest to take home, a treasured keepsake that will forever remind them of this already unforgettable experience. The fusion of Ottolenghi’s culinary artistry with the natural beauty of the surroundings and the abundant fresh produce plucked directly from the rich red soil of the Atzaró Vegetable Garden grounds creates an atmosphere of unparalleled enchantment.

Tickets to Ottolenghi at Atzaró are 225€ per person, and include the five-course meal, drinks, live music, the Flamenco show and a signed Ottolenghi book – advance reservations necessary as this event is guaranteed to be a sellout.