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Thai Massage at Atzaró Spa

Thai massage is one of the most highly sought after transformational and rejuvenating therapies at Atzaró Spa in the island’s north.

Demand for traditional Asian therapies has been on the rise in recent years because the tried and true holistic ways of correcting the body’s imbalances are proven to be life changing.

Its cult of devotees are not strictly limited to Asia, but are found all around the world, with therapists and practitioners travelling far and wide to share their healing energies and knowledge. Thai massage in particular, is one of the most highly sought after transformational and rejuvenating therapies and here in Ibiza, you’ll find it on offer within the blissful surrounds of Atzaró Spa in the island’s north. In keeping with the luxurious spa’s ethos of always providing the highest quality treatments performed by highly qualified therapists, award-winning author and internationally acclaimed body and energy healer Juan José Plasencia was enlisted to train the team at Atzaró in traditional Thai massage. Bringing with him a wealth of knowledge on numerous massage techniques, Plasencia personally trained each masseuse to ensure every client at the Ataró Spa is treated at the hands of a certified expert.

Different from traditional western massage, Thai massage doesn’t call for greasy oils or lotions and the client is always dressed in comfortable, loose fitting attire. As your therapist begins to pull, stretch, and rock your body in different ways, the sorest of sore limbs and joints feel immediate relief. Further into the deeply relaxing treatment, the masseuse opens joints and releases deep rooted tension and energy blockages by using their thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and even feet; quite opposite from your traditional ‘Swedish’ or ‘hot stone’ massage! The Zen that washes over your body is paramount to the treatment’s success, and no other treatment reaches this type of level. In the final stages of the massage, the practitioner performs assisted yoga positions, resulting in an incredible deep stretch not attainable on one’s own.

The reason Thai Massage is gaining such popularity with the masses is that these deep and firm massage techniques can work for anyone; even the most sensitive of muscles and those jumpy to the lightest of touch can benefit. The system heals in a myriad of ways as internal organs are toned, energy blockages are released, flow and harmony are restored to energy lines, all of which results in an increased physical and spiritual state of wellbeing. This mindful state the treatment enters you into offers a powerful mind and body healing experience while opening up every tense and tight part of your body. After your massage, Atzaró Spa can become your base for the remainder of the day, with all guests receiving complimentary access to the spa facilities, including a gorgeous sparkling lap pool, sauna and Hammam, gym and luxurious daybeds dotted throughout the orchard. Enjoy a healthy menu lunch from La Veranda restaurant, in keeping with your day of wellness, while soaking up the peaceful and healing ambience of the spa area.

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