Diversity in design

Designing, building, renovating, landscaping, interiors, exteriors, lighting, plumbing, carpentry, styling – oh my! In the early stages of any Ibiza residential project, there’s so much to consider and for a homeowner, it can feel as though the end stage is a lifetime away. Enlisting Bloom Studio Ibiza – a full-service architecture and interior design studio – takes away any stress and uncertainty out of such works, as the team of on-island experts sees projects through from concept to completion with a clear vision and unrivalled creativity – not to mention a meticulous and achievable time frame. At a time when many people are seeking to create a home that truly is their haven, or invest in a second home where they can seek solace from the world when needed, the Bloom Studio Ibiza team are in high demand.

Specialising in high-end residential projects – ranging from new builds to large-scale renovations or restorations – Bloom Studio Ibiza was founded by British-born and qualified architect Kit Maplethorpe in 2016. His experience in Ibiza dates back to 2011, both independently and in collaboration with the island’s biggest names in architecture and project management. Prior to that, Kit worked his architectural magic on luxury homes in the UK after qualifying as an architect in 2007. As the demand for his services and expertise on the island increased (through word of mouth alone), expansion was the next logical step and Kit assembled a dream team of architects and interior designers hailing from technical, creative, artistic and production backgrounds – Bloom Studio Ibiza was in business.

Today, the team is headed up by Kit, who combines his creative prowess with the technical skills of his colleague Sam Benoist Jackson, an experienced architect who specialises in the finer details such technical drawings, designing carpentry packages, mechanical engineering, electric lighting plans among other elements. Rather than using a signature style or typical brand aesthetic, Bloom Studio Ibiza work closely with each client, opting to design unique concepts that align with each project’s location and the owners’ style and needs. Their strength lies in the ability to develop a bespoke home concept, then break it down to the very finest degree – from the way shelves are fitted to how different materials junction with one another, documented through an intricate series of 3D drawings so there are no hidden surprises throughout the process. They take the vision and build it virtually, to ensure it can also be implemented onsite.

While the brand’s heritage is based heavily in architecture, it wasn’t long before Kit realised he needed to extend the Bloom Studio Ibiza services to include interior design and decoration. It’s only natural, after all, that when a new home or renovation is complete that it will also require decoration, and keeping the styling on par with the design of the home ensures a consistent feel, and authentic essence, throughout the house. This is where the style-savvy skills of Ibiza-based interior designer Sarah Elkabas – who boasts a background in international fashion styling – comes in. Alongside her assistant Florence Gillot, who joined the team in recent years, Sarah works tirelessly to source one-of-a-kind pieces that are j-u-s-t right for each project, and often collaborates with designers to develop bespoke furnishings from beds and sofas to alfresco dining suites, chill-out beds and much more.

Together, the Bloom Studio Ibiza team are an incredible asset to any Ibiza project. When architects and interior designers are involved on a project together from day one, the creative and functional possibilities become endless – not to mention much more achievable than if you were to approach the design and decoration of your home as two separate tasks. While Kit and Sam are working behind the scenes to create stylish and functional spaces, Sarah and Florence are getting to know their clients tastes and lifestyles in order to be able to kit out each space with not only the right aesthetics, but also with furniture and décor that works in tandem with the property, and the people who use it. Being able to switch off from the technical side of things, and think in terms of beauty, ambience and functionality, allows them to think outside the box, while staying true to the style of the building – needless to say, there are no cookie cutter interiors in any Bloom Studio Ibiza project.

This ethos runs to the exteriors as well. For Kit and Sam, no two projects are alike, and this diversity in their work is just the way they like it. Slick and contemporary new builds, rustic ancient farmhouses transformed into family homes, urban structures in the heart of the countryside and ultra-luxe finca restorations that breathe new life into an old home – the original style of the house and its location influences the architecture throughout, from the structural layout of the interior spaces to the terraces and gardens. It’s all about balance. The entire team at Bloom Studio Ibiza love the challenge of working with a property refurbishment – finding solutions to their client’s needs within the existing structure, and drawing on their varied experience and vast knowledge to make them a reality.

The flow between the architecture and interiors is evident in every project – absolutely everything – be it the tapware in a bathroom or kitchen, to the art on the walls, the ceramics in the kitchen or even the lighting and soft furnishings – has been chosen to be client-specific. Sarah has a huge database of luxurious brands she can draw on when needed, however much of the furniture used in Bloom Studio Ibiza projects is bespoke. Sarah prefers to design pieces that fit with the house, understanding that each project is completely personal and just as no two houses are alike, nor are the people who live within the spaces. Her well-honed intuition means she suggests pieces of furniture before you even know you need them – a rare skill on an island where instant gratification is often the driving force behind interiors – and if it doesn’t already exist, she has the contacts to have it custom-made to order.

While each of the key team members at Bloom Studio Ibiza are creatively driven, no technical detail is overlooked and the foursome have spent years building up a portfolio of trustworthy contacts, from the very best plumbers, electricians and carpenters on the island, to builders and other tradesmen. There’s no fear of a ‘mañana mañana’ work ethic when embarking on an Ibiza project with Bloom Studio Ibiza – from the initial conceptual drawings, through to tender, project management and then the finishing touches with furniture and décor, the works are seen through personally on a day-to-day basis by the team themselves – right up until the moment the owners fly into Ibiza and are handed the keys to their home. Most projects are completed within a nine month time frame, with various projects in different stages all year round, meaning that for Kit, Sam, Sarah and Florence, every single day is different, keeping them inspired, motivated and passionate about their work.

Awash with luxury

The arrival of the all-new W Ibiza on far south end of the Santa Eulalia promenade was perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated hotel openings on the island in recent years. After briefly opening its doors – along with its newest restaurant concepts – towards the end of summer 2019, the luxurious seafront resort closed for further development in the winter months (like most resorts in Ibiza) and then, well, along came COVID-19. Fast forward through the global lockdowns and travel restrictions, and today the resort is finally open and welcoming travellers from around the world – both as hotel guests and visitors to the luxurious facilities alike. It’s an opening that has been well worth the wait.

The hotel boasts 162 incredible rooms and suites, and its food and beverage offerings include the already established Chiringuito Blue – just a hope across the promenade onto the sandy beach – and the plant-based eatery Ve Café, as well as glamorous gastronomic heart of the hotel, La Llama, curated by renowned chef Haim Cohen. In addition, W Ibiza’s Wet Deck and W Lounge offer guests chic and sophisticated spaces in which to lounge in safe (socially distanced, of course) surroundings, sipping on cocktails, listening to music from resident DJs and international guests, and snacking on a creative menu from day to night. With Ibiza’s nightlife scene temporarily on hold in 2020, holidaymakers are increasingly seeking luxurious day experiences and W Ibiza ticks all the right boxes.

Like a much more relaxed version of a beach club, Wet Deck is a private poolside terrace that also boasts direct access to the beach, should you wish to break out of your W Ibiza bubble and feel the sand in your toes at any time throughout the day. Speaking of toes, while current safety protocols mean there are no dancefloors to be seen, the DJs spinning poolside beats will almost certainly get your toes tapping on your luxury daybed, sun lounger or even in the pool – and that’s not only allowed, it’s encouraged! In keeping with the resort’s Ibiza-inspired colour palette and interior design, Wet Deck is awash with rich turquoise, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea on its doorstep, complemented by the vibrant yellow, green and blue sunshades cascading down the hotel walls, representing the island’s golden sun, lush campo and clear skies.

Sipping on cocktails here is de rigueur, with bespoke concoctions designed by W Ibiza’s master mixologists. Try a Piña Pagés – a twist on the classic, using homemade Hierbas Ibicencas for the local touch – or a Bohemian Sour, fusing Pampelle, Campari, Carpano Antica Formula, Beefeater 24 and fresh lime. More island twists come through in the Margabiza – using Olmeca Blanco, Mezcal and agave with the island’s own Sal de Ibiza and fresh lemons from the fields – and the Watermelon Frosé, which blends Ibiza’s famous Ibizkus rosé with ripe watermelons from the rich red soil plus fresh lime and raspberry. An array of smoothies, sangria in all colours of the vino rainbow (that’s white, red, rosé and sparkling, in case you needed a refresher), a very carefully curated wine list plus top shelf spirits are also on offer – needless to say, when it comes to whetting your whistle, Wet Deck has the situation in hand.

Inevitably one will start to feel peckish, with all that relaxing, swimming and toe-tapping, and the menu at Wet Deck offers something to suit all appetites. Healthy salads – from the classic Burrata and Caesar to a Korean Hanbok – sit alongside snacks like spicy chicken wings, tuna tataki, steak tartare, Iberian ham and edamame, while mains offer a much heartier source of sustenance. Choose between a premium Basque entrecote, salmon teriyaki, a crispy half roast chicken, classic fish and chips or the Italian crowd pleaser, Paccheri alla Norma. The Italian influence continues through a dedicated pizza menu – all your favourite toppings – while the sandwich and burger menu covers traditional clubs, the famed W Burger, the must-try vegan Ve Burger made with Beyond Meat patties and a decadent Croque Madame. The icing on the W Ibiza gourmet cake is, of course, dessert – think ice cream, fruit platters, vegan brownies and good old fashioned apple pie.

The beauty of Wet Deck is that it’s open to the public in addition to hotel guests, with day passes available for 50€ (which includes a 30€ credit towards your food and drink bill). The glamorous setting attracts the who’s who of Ibiza in addition to the visiting jetset, and as day to turns to night, the poolside action moves indoors to the adjacent W Lounge, where weekly events see special guest DJs such as Jodie Harsh and Fat Tony spinning alongside popular island residents including Guy Williams, Corbi and Simon Morell at W Ibiza. On Sundays, local musicians Banjaara Live set the scene with their cutting edge soundscapes, blending electronic elements such as synthesisers with the Indian Sitar and the Chinese Guquin – in the dreamy, boho surroundings of W Lounge, it’s a weekly event that’s not to be missed.

The design of the W Lounge at W Ibiza was inspired by another of the island’s icons – the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site Dalt Vila. You can spot the influence in the sandy-hued, terraza-style stairs that are covered in bright, hippie-style floor cushions that are just begging to be lounged upon. Swing sofas add that final touch of laidback luxury, the perfect place to sip W Ibiza’s signature cocktails at any time of the day or night. Facing directly out to sea– like all rooms and suites in W Ibiza – the views from W Lounge creates a feeling of bringing the outside in, while retaining that sense of cosiness and safety so many travellers are seeking these days.

Even if you’re not staying in one of the luxurious suites, you are invited to feel completely free and relaxed to enjoy all the spaces within the resort – and hotel guests report checking in, and never wanting to leave the ultra-convenient location as everything they could ever dream of is already on their doorstep. Whether you’re jetting in for a long weekend, are an island local looking for a new hangout, or are planning to spend a few weeks in the hotel, W Ibizaoffers all its like-minded guests a sense of coming home. Fusing the free-spirited Ibiza lifestyle with all the trimmings you’d expect from the W Hotels group, it brings a new level of luxury, style and service to the Santa Eulalia area – exactly what the island needs.

Love in a cup

They say money makes the world go round but we all know that without coffee, money is just bits of coloured paper. Java, Joe or jitter juice – it doesn’t matter what you call that morning cup of life, but what does matter is how well it’s made. Sam Swinburn and his team at Meke have been filling the Ibiza breeze with the scent of freshly roasted coffee since 2012, supplying the island’s top cafés and restaurants with quality beans sourced from sustainable and ethical farms across the globe. Now coffee lovers and aficionados alike can stop by the company’s eponymous café in Santa Eulalia to enjoy a freshly brewed cup with an organic snack before grabbing a bag of beans to take home.

Sam first landed in Ibiza in 2003. “I had no expectations,” he says. “I just arrived here and thought it was amazing. I hadn’t experienced that feeling anywhere else.” He made the permanent move from his home in New Zealand in 2010 and after two years searching for a decent coffee, Meke was born from a needs-must basis. “I realised pretty quickly that I couldn’t live here without decent coffee,” he laughs. “So, I had to make it myself.” He sold his house and with the leftover money, bought a one-tonne coffee roaster from Holland. “We had to get a crane to bring it to the warehouse,” he recalls. Alongside his brother, sister and two good friends, Sam built what is now the island’s specialty coffee roaster, and the only one that can guarantee sustainable, ethical and traceable beans as well as a damn fine brew.

Coffee has become so much part of the human experience that it can be easy to forget it comes from a plant. At Meke, everything starts with the bean. Sam sources beans depending on what’s been freshly harvested around the world. Towards the end of the European summer, El Salvador and Guatemalan harvests are available, along with some Kenyan and Dominican Republic strains. Early in the year, it’s time for Colombian and Honduran beans, while the middle of the year is when Peru’s flavours hit the market.

Working with three trusted coffee suppliers who source directly from farms, Sam is able to ensure that all Meke beans have come from sustainable and ethical sources, with around 50% derived from organic plantations. “Making sure there are sustainable practices at origin is equally important to me as organic certification,” Sam explains of the Meke ethos. “Smallholders can’t always afford certification but they still practice organic methods. We’ve met them, we know their processes and philosophy – after that, the important thing is the flavour profile of the coffee.”

Sam visits the farmers whenever possible, having had his first plantation experience in Indonesia in 2008 “Seeing the process of the coffee producers made me realise they are actually artisans,” says Sam. “Drinking a coffee at origin is a completely different experience. You can taste exactly how it is from the tree.” Further trips to meet farmers in Colombia and Brazil are planned for this year. “We’re going to be doing more buying directly, It lets us guarantee the quality of our coffee, consistent supply and close the circle of the bean to cup experience.”

The flagship Meke Café in Santa Eulalia is the final stage of the process where the espresso, latte or cortado you order can be traced back to a single farm or group of farmers. Taking your coffee in a café is surely one of life’s greatest pleasures, but having one at home comes in at a pretty close second place. The team at Meke can advise on the various domestic coffee making options from basic French presses to hi-tech drip filters and single shot espresso machines, not to mention the right takeaway blend to suit your taste. “My main tip for people wanting really good coffee at home is to buy a coffee grinder,” says Sam. “Grinding the whole beans just before you make the coffee changes everything.” And just in case you were wondering, Sam personally prefers drip coffee into a thermos for day to day brewing.

Sitting alongside the arches of the Santa Eulalia town hall, Meke Café occupies a sun-dappled corner where a couple of outside tables allow for excellent people watching over coffee and a light bite to eat. Inside the vibe is urban rustic with wood bar stools upholstered in coffee sacks standing in front of the gleaming espresso machine. A relaxed buzz drifts over the space and the casual friendliness of the barista belies the seriousness with which the coffee is made. Each shot is freshly ground and then loaded into the machine, brewed and weighed before being served in any number of styles. Glass domes house vegetarian sourdough panini, frittatas, cakes, muffins and cookies. For those who don’t drink coffee (who are you?) or if coffee accidentally turns into aperitivo (it happens), there’s also organic artisanal soft drinks, natural wines and craft beers. A further outlet in Palma means you won’t lack a decent caffeine hit when island hopping. Life without coffee is unthinkable but here in Ibiza, life without Meke coffee is unliveable.

Family matters

Kids on holiday don’t need much to be made happy. A beach, a bucket, lunch and most importantly – ice-cream. As for parents on holiday? Well, in order for mums and dads to be happy, they need to ensure their kids are entertained, fed and happy before thinking about themselves. Stylish beachfront restaurant Chiringuito Blue ticks all the right family-on-holiday boxes so everyone can be happy all at once. From fantastic food and drinks with sea views, sunbeds (from May 1) and sand at your feet to a super cool kids’ club the little ones will never want to leave – family holidays in Santa Eulalia have never looked so good.

Start your experience with a freshly brewed coffee while gazing out over the tranquil beach. Follow up with a lazy dip in the sea, luxuriating in the gentle lapping of the glistening Mediterranean. If you’ve got little ones you might build a sand castle and beachcomb for shells. Take advantage of this quiet moment with your kids because when the effervescent and endlessly fun team from Kids In Ibiza arrive at Chiringuito Blue at 1pm (on weekends), you probably won’t see your offspring again until the sun goes down. To a frazzled parent on a beach holiday, it’s the very definition of bliss.

Chiringuito Blue is not like other Ibiza beach clubs. There are no hoards of fluoro-garbed clubbers at the bar and there’s definitely no techno floating over the airwaves. Nestled into the south end of Santa Eulalia beach, there’s a sophisticated yet casual vibe here – it’s all about taking your time, enjoying your family, eating well and basking lazily in the Ibiza sunshine. At Chiringuito Blue, time slips away in a haze of holiday indulgence. The staff are friendly and attentive, the DJ is in tune with the waves and the food is simply divine. Don’t forget to pack that book you’ve been meaning to read, because it’s entirely possible to spend all day here. Then again, you could always just make the most of the quiet time and catch up on some rest…

The biggest difficulty arises when it comes to choosing between a table with a view, a sofa with a view or a sunbed with a view. First things first: get the kids settled in with a starter of cauliflower popcorn, soon to be followed by a choice of mini burgers, penne with red sauce, basmati with carrots and zucchini, chicken schnitzel with potatoes or fish fingers with chips. The Chiringuito Blue kids’ menu is almost enough to make the grown-ups mouths water – until they see the options on offer for adults, that is. With a menu crossing the Mediterranean all the way to the Middle East and back, capturing those holiday flavours is easy. Sharing is encouraged – basically because it’s going to be hard to keep your fork to yourself once the food arrives on the table.

As a starter, the chargrilled aubergine is subtly smoky with a smooth, creamy texture best matched with a plate of Nablus-style tabbouleh and a bowl of Greek tzatziki – you’ve just imbibed the taste of the Eastern Mediterranean. Mains  at Chiringuito Blue consist of myriad choices from tantalising sharing plates such as raw red shrimp with citrus aioli and spicy chilli sauce to a herbaceous ceviche, crispy calamari, clams marinera, grilled octopus and the not-to-be-missed araies – charcoaled pita bread stuffed with minced lamb, herbs and spices.

Naturally, with such proximity to the sea, seafood takes a star turn on the menu and the catch of the day, either grilled or salt baked, is a traditional Spanish lunch offering. However, there are days when a classic burger is essential to one’s wellbeing and the Chiringuito Blue burger is really a sight to behold. Even the most burger-centric of diners in your family will be pleased with its soft bun encasing a 100% Galician beef patty dressed with lettuce, tomato and shallots and served up with a robust side of French fries. Repeat visits to Chiringuito Blue might be a necessary addition to your Ibiza holiday itinerary, if just to sample the grilled free-range chicken, chargrilled squid and the linguini seafood pasta with tarragon. Decisions, decisions…

All parents know ice-cream is crucial to a successful day at the beach. The Chiringuito Blue ice-cream counter is stocked with everyone’s favourite flavours plus a few exciting specials to pique the interest of ice-cream loving adults too. Be sure to sample the tahini olive oil ice-cream – it’s dairy and gluten-free and an unexpected taste sensation. Within the dessert menu is a lovely lavender frozen yoghurt, an aromatic and cooling option topped with crushed pistachios and homemade Orgeat almond syrup that would go well with a handful of spoons if you were willing to share.

Everyone needs a lie-down after such a satisfying meal. Back to the beach it is then, for more sunbathing, chatting and zoning out. Kids In Ibiza has all the little people’s needs covered in the shaded kids’ area. Games, face-painting, arts and crafts and general hullabaloo in addition to oversized beach-friendly versions of Connect Four, giant Lego and turn ball plus a selection of architecturally approved sand castle building tools mean that, for grown-ups, the rest of the day is a breeze filled with cocktails and sunshine. As the sun finally descends, leaving a trail of outrageous pinks and reds across the sky, thoughts might turn to dinner and before you know it you’ll be perusing the menu once again. Even though Chiringuito Blue is the definition of a family beach day, upon seeing it under a star-filled sky might have you thinking of date night. Call in the babysitters…

Raise the roof

In Ibiza, we love any excuse for a celebration. Birthday parties, midsummer parties, opening parties, closing parties and anything and everything in between. Find us an event and we’ll build the festivities around it. And it goes without saying that the most monumental of all celebrations is a wedding. Not only because it symbolises the sacred union between two loved-up, adoring souls, but also because it brings together friends and family from all over the world, united in witnessing a ceremony that cements their bond of love forever.

Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel specialises in providing the backdrop for such events, ensuring the location is as memorable as the party itself. Located on Ibiza’s rugged east coast, on the doorstep of the charming seaside town of Santa Eulalia, Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel is a five-star, eco resort designed to cater for every wedding whim. From the stunning sea views to the chicly designed interiors; the expert planning advice to the world-class cuisine, everything here combines in a breathtakingly beautiful space to create simple Ibiza wedding perfection. Suitable for grand, opulent affairs or intimate, relaxed soirées, the venue is malleable according to taste, which makes it the ideal option for every wedding scenario.

In fact, such is the dedication of the team at Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel to deliver flawless weddings that over winter, the hotel was refurbished specifically with events in mind. The result is a spectacular new rooftop space that sings with romance – an unrivalled spot for looking into the eyes of your partner and saying ‘I do’. Ceremonies can be held here – the altar can be set up on the alfresco terrace with the Mediterranean Sea as the sparkling background, or it can simply be used for the celebrations like a cocktails and canapés party before dinner or an area for hosting an after dinner dance. What better way to spend the first evening as husband and wife than dancing in the glow of the moonlight?

Sleekly designed and beautifully furnished, the new Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel rooftop has both indoor and outdoor space. Set within the main building that boasts floor to ceiling glass windows and unbeatable panoramic views of the sea and coastline below, the banquet hall is where guests can enjoy a first class, post ceremony meal with an unparalleled backdrop for speeches. Tables can be arranged and decorated according to your specification, and of course, attention to detail is key – the venue’s wedding planners are more than happy to accommodate any personal requests surrounding music, lighting and decor.

Outside, meanwhile, provides all the jaw-dropping ‘wow’ moments you need for a truly memorable Ibiza wedding. A decking area that’s surrounded by a 180-degree swimming pool is topped with comfy cabanas and stylish chairs – ideal for mingling and taking a breather, while the decking itself is perfect for dancing and revelling in all the joy that the day at Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe represents. There’s an open bar too, which serves as a fabulous focal point for the evening’s antics to swirl around, while the wedding party keep topped up with bubbles, beers and whatever spirits take their fancy.

Available by day or night, the rooftop at Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel also serves as the ideal location for an array of pre and post wedding events. It’s not unusual now for a wedding party to take place across several days – especially if people have travelled long distances to share in the magic of your special day. So often these days, the Ibiza wedding ceremony itself is bookended by relaxed dinner and drinks receptions that pave the way for the actual wedding, and recuperative brunch or lunch gatherings where people share stories and sore heads the following day.

What’s essential during Ibiza wedding is that the venue corresponds with the sentiment of the day, and Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel ticks all the right boxes. A place that sticks in people’s minds long after the sun has set, here, you can be happy knowing your guests are taken care of and enjoying the space while you flit around doling out smiles, air kisses and thank yous. Because let’s face it, celebrations like this only come around once in a lifetime – it deserves to be the very best it possibly can.

Visit the White Ibiza weddings guide to read more about Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe
Dining that ticks all the boxes

These days, the success of a hotel no longer just depends on the style of its rooms, the size of the swimming pool and service with a smile – to be truly successful means ticking the box next to a multitude of factors, and high up on the list is world class cuisine. Guests want to be wined and dined on their doorstep; they want a five-star dining experience and memories to remind them of sun-drenched days long after the plane has touched down on home soil. It’s in all these categories that Aguas de Ibiza really excels. With a privileged coastal spot in the Santa Eulalia marina on Ibiza’s east coast, Aguas de Ibiza’s reputation as a tranquil haven is well established. A hotel dedicated to sustainability while simultaneously providing laid-back luxury, people come here to restore and rejuvenate mind, body and soul, relishing in an attention to detail that’s unique to the property. This attentive theme weaves its way throughout every aspect of the hotel, and is especially prevalent in its two stunning restaurants, Vi Cool and Alabastro, now officially bona fide destinations in their own right.

Those not yet aware of Vi Cool will understand the restaurant’s myriad successes as soon as they learn that the entire project is the brainchild of much famed Spanish chef, Sergi Arola. Awarded a Michelin-star for his prowess and innovation in the kitchen, Arola’s concept at Vi Cool is taking the traditional idea of Spanish tapas and giving it a uniquely intriguing twist – in flavour and in presentation. The result is a series of multifunctional dishes, perfect for sharing with friends over dinner at the chicly cosmopolitan restaurant. Examine the menu in detail to discover that a whole world of gastronomic novelty awaits. Try cold plates like steak tartar with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger, or sea bass tiradito with ponzu and a spicy rocoto kick. Hot plates include the quintessential Vi Cool bravas potatoes – a must for anyone visiting the restaurant for the first time – chicken wings with kimchi sauce, and roasted, curried prawns with fresh mint. Elsewhere the coca pizzas are a huge hit, topped with typical Iberico ham, fresh Burrata cheese, basil and orange zest. Finish on a sweet note with chocolate served in many textures, burnt Catalonian cream with tangerine sorbet or of course, a cocktail taken on the spectacular alfresco roof terrace.

Meanwhile, Alabastro is found in the hotel lobby, and specialises in plates to be enjoyed by the pool during daytime, or indoors on the relaxing sofas by night. With another great chef at the helm – this time Aitor Monteagud – here, two menu concepts are showcased. Alabastro Pool is all about relaxed, easy dining, whereas Alabastro Slow has been designed around the zero kilometre premise, meaning all food is produced, sold and enjoyed locally, helping local artisans to make a fair living from their trade, and supporting the community in the process. Culinary highlights of this menu include the Balearic garden of textured vegetables, olive sand, bean sprouts and flowers, and ajoblanco of local almonds with lobster, sun-dried tomatoes and cardamom to start. Mains include baked John Dory with black garlic alioli, baby vegetables and pickles, and suckling lamb with pearls of squash, beetroot, courgette and demi glace sauce. And for dessert, delectable options like cheesecake with fresh cheese, mango and citrus fruits, and café caleta cream with Hierbas Ibicencas jelly. The Alabastro Pool menu offers dishes like watermelon salad with organic tomatoes and feta cheese, and sirvia ceviche with tiger milk.

Two restaurants, three contrasting menus, and three entirely different concepts – all united by a passion for local food, an innovative approach to cooking and two star chefs dedicated to ensuring guests receive the very best in ingredients and flavour on the plate. Add in Aguas de Ibiza’s continued commitment to excellence and some superbly relaxing but stylish spaces in which to dine and there’s no doubt that this gem of a hotel really does tick all the boxes.

Celebrating life

Walking through the palm fronds towards the restaurant terrace is always a shock to the senses, as the Mediterranean stretches out towards the horizon in a never-ending ripple of silvery blues. It is simply divine. While Babylon Beach is open to the public, one of the specialities of the house is bespoke events. Themed children’s parties are hosted in the Babylonitos adventure playground and organised by the in-house events team. While the kids are entertained by superheroes or princesses, the grown-ups can enjoy a glass of something in the adjacent bar. Everything from the decorations to the birthday cake is taken care of, relieving parents and ensuring the best birthday ever. The rear dining room with its rustic beach chic styling and dedicated bar can host informal drinks and canapés for up to 120 people and sit down dinners for 65. Pre or post-wedding gatherings, birthday parties, Christmas or maybe just a celebration for no reason at all, whatever the occasion, the spaces at Babylon Beach are dripping in romance and fun and the kitchen can accommodate even the trickiest requests.

Working in collaboration with the Babylon Beach chefs, party-givers can choose traditional paella, barbecue, canapés, tapas or a formal sit down three-course meal. Be sure to discuss wine lists and the creation of a unique cocktail for your special event. For those celebrating everyday life, the shaded, naturally formed terrace is a prime location for breakfast, lunch and drinks. A row of sunbeds crowns the terrace’s tables providing a lovely spot for sunbathing with benefits – that is, the benefit of being served by the friendly faces of the Babylon Beach team. Freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, homemade granola, and eggs any way followed by a pot of tea or espresso are just a few of the ways one can start a day of pure indulgence. Lunch is all about choices. Naturally, there is a lot of seafood from the delicious steamed mussels marinara or with the Thai-influenced aromas of Tom Ka sauce. Juicy, plump garlic prawns vie with tender fried calamari with tart blood orange. Salads are fresh and refreshing with the tuna poke bowl an instant classic alongside the spicy green papaya salad and creamy Burrata with heirloom tomatoes. Mains move into the realm of culinary art with dishes such as the chicken waffle with maple glaze and the whole or half roast chicken.

The Babylon Burger is famous amongst locals and while meat eaters are well looked after, Babylon Beach is also a haven for vegans. The vegan mac and cheese is indulgently healthy and the vegan falafel sub is more than just a sandwich – it’s a wonder. A relaxed vibe and a unique style create a tranquil spot to allow yourself to really sink into the island lifestyle. A focus on sustainability informs the menu. Fresh and innovative with nods to everybody’s favourite dishes, the Babylon Beach ethos is to provide a space where diners can feel right at home. The magnificent view, however, really reminds you that you’re on holiday or if you’re a local, reminds you of what a great place you’ve chosen to live. It’s the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion, or simply every day life…

A healthy fusion

Forget flashy VIP sections, impossible to reserve sunloungers and hugely overpriced menus – Aiyanna Ibiza is the beach club of the people, offering something for everyone under its colourful signature umbrellas, with an environmentally conscious ethos at the heart of its philosophy. Aiyanna Ibiza is the new concept of Ibiza restaurateur David Piccioni – founder and owner of Amante Ibiza and former DJ and Azuli record label boss – who knows a thing or two about running beach clubs in Ibiza after nine years at the top of his game. His inspiration for Amante’s sister restaurant was to create a space where everyone was welcome, embracing Ibiza’s beautiful bohemian style and to introduce a menu founded in superfoods and with a variety of healthy options, that could also host special events and weddings in a truly breathtaking setting.

Set on the shores of Cala Nova, one of Ibiza’s last remaining unspoilt beaches, the view from the Aiyanna Ibiza terrace is nothing short of Mediterranean magic. Sparkling turquoise sea, clear blue skies peppered with fluffy white clouds and a long expanse of golden sand, on a still day you could be sitting in the Caribbean; when the wind picks up, the swell evokes the east coast of Australia. The location is 100-percent pure Ibiza however, noted by the happy mix of Spanish families, expat residents and the glamorous cosmopolitan jetset. Designed to be in harmony with its surroundings, palm trees line the Aiyanna Ibiza entrance while wooden furnishings are understated with just a hint of rustic – Ikat printed deck chairs and woven floor rugs complement Aztec motifs painted on the smooth cement floors. The interior is a nod to today’s Scandinavian design trends, where natural earthy colours sit alongside cool whites while hundreds of hanging succulents are offset with strings of sequins sparkling in the sunlight and overhead cane lamps.

Macramé cushions and rattan poufs create a laidback ambience while the bar glistens and shines with just a hint of art deco. But the true star of the Aiyanna Ibiza show are the vibrant Guatemalan ‘Barriletes’ – giant kites that were handmade especially for the venue, to be transformed into huge umbrellas that provide shade for the expansive terrace. That Aiyanna Ibiza is stylish is without question, but what makes a restaurant successful goes well beyond aesthetics. Heading up the Aiyanna Ibiza kitchen is award-winning head chef Oskar Reboredo – born in the Basque country, culinary flair runs through his veins. He began his career washing dishes from as early as he can remember, before studying to be a chef in his hometown and Madrid. His career has seen him rise through the ranks in some of Spain’s the most famous restaurants: think Botafumeiro, Les Catre Gats and Shoko, before heading to London where he trained under the tutelage of the famous Pierre Garnier at Sketch, and in the three-Michelin star Japanese restaurant Zuma.

Spanish and Basque cuisine was Rebordeo’s passion however, and he rose to stardom when he was named head chef at the acclaimed Iberian ‘L’ restaurant. He went on to Magazine, where he was awarded the prestigious London chef of the year award. Known in London as the go-to chef for Spanish cooking, he was recommended in the Michelin guide and wrote a weekly recipe column for The Guardian newspaper. Eventually, he was lured back to the tastes of Japan and returned to Madrid and Barcelona, before being approached by the Pacha Group to open Destino four years ago. Fast forward to 2017 and Oskar now calls Aiyanna Ibiza home – it is here where he can truly excel and influence the menu based on his heritage, travel and tastes. The Aiyanna Ibiza menu has its heart in Eastern Mediterranean cuisine and a focus on using organic, locally sourced produce (from their own garden), superfoods and macrobiotic ingredients. Taste buds are taken on a tour of Spain, Greece, Morocco, Turkey and Italy, with a hint of Japanese and Indian flavours thrown in for good measure. It works, with the menu providing plenty of light and healthy options in keeping with today’s trends for eating clean, plus traditional Spanish holiday favourites such as black rice with fried calamari and baked seabass or beach classics such as hearty burgers.

Understanding not everyone wants to take respite from the sun to eat lunch, Aiyanna Ibiza also offers fresh and healthy takeaway options. A shiny silver food truck sits in pride of place on the terrace, and beachgoers are welcome to order juices and fresh salads to go at extremely affordable prices (think less than 10€ for a meal and a drink!). And don’t be fooled by the containers that appear to be plastic – all packaging is biodegradable and made from recycled materials. Total feel good food, in more ways than one! Open daily for breakfast and lunch, Aiyanna Ibiza is so much more than ‘just’ a beach club. Daily yoga sessions take place on the terrace and are followed by a healthy buffet breakfast, prepping your mind, body and soul for the day ahead. If you prefer to sit back and relax, an a la carte breakfast menu offers classic tostadas topped with local avocado or tomato, turkey and Havarti or Iberian ham. Fresh juices and cocktails are expertly whipped up by the bar all day long – take your pick whether you’d like your drink pure or spiked with your favourite tipple!

For those looking to take home an Ibiza-inspired souvenir after their beach club experience, Aiyanna Ibiza supports local Ibiza designers with a stylish dedicated boutique corner, Made in Ibiza. Soft, flowing layers in natural hues inspired by the Med, the style is bohemian elegance, in keeping with its setting. With the soothing sound of the sea providing the soundtrack as you shop, it’s easy to wish that days like these could go on forever…

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Creating unforgettable gourmet experiences

It’s no coincidence that the owners of stylishly cool Ibiza beach club Babylon Beach are also the people behind the only certified organic livestock farm in Ibiza, C’an Pere Mussona. With direct and unfettered access to the best ingredients on the island it’s easy to see how the talented chefs here are able to deliver some of the most delicious dishes in town. Much of the produce used in the Babylon Beach kitchen literally comes from the field and the farm in the morning morning to arrive on the plate that very same afternoon. The head chefs work closely with the farmers to o cultivate exactly what the restaurant needs in terms of produce and livestock and also works on a day-to-day basis with the local fishermen to obtain the finest, freshest catches.

On the farm, lambs, chickens and indigenous black pigs plus mountains of vegetables are at Babylon Beach’s disposal. The very few things that aren’t found on the farm are purchased from local Ibicenco families in the region, meaning the daily menus really are completely local. The team greatly value their relationships with the farm and their other suppliers, all of whom visit the laboratory-style kitchen where they work together like scientists to come up with fresh and exciting new menu ideas. Absolutely every last dish on the tempting menu is fresher than fresh, from the chips and the salads to the steaks and the seafood, and Babylon Beach prides itself on keeping things homemade. Even the bread comes from their own onsite pop-up bakery – created when the owners couldn’t find a local supplier who met their strict high standards – today’s fresh-basked goodies are now all made with organic flour.

Taking inspiration from international street food – where simple dishes become super special – the provenance of the ingredients is paramount at Babylon and the brilliant chefs are also the key to their success. Filippo Alberi and Simone D’Elia hail from Tuscany, and together they are the perfect team. Having run a restaurant together in Italy and also worked together in London they have been the ying to the other’s yang for over ten years. Filippo is the creative and technical head – the ‘elegant’ one, they say – adding astonishing details worthy of a Michelin star, whilst Simone employs his more rustic yet equally delicious approach to the food and is the business mastermind, making sure they present the perfect plate at the right price to their clients.

Filippo and Simone perfect the Babylon Beach menus over several months, deconstructing classics and finding the best ways to reinvent them. The menu includes some usual beach club suspects, but redone in Babylon’s bespoke way. The burger for example, is not just any burger. The star chefs whip up the perfect combination of beef, fat and marrowbone to make it a real show-stopper. The seafood risotto is made with not one but three different homemade fish stocks. Babylon’s mashed potato is whipped with rosemary, thyme, egg and smoked salt and has a delicious crispy finish. Even the ice lollies are not exempt from the Babylon beach twist – think unique flavours such as homemade cheesecake varieties. The attention to detail is incredible. This is food to make you go silent. For an Ibiza gourmet experience that won’t be forgotten, Babylon Beach is a must-go – by day or by night.