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The pursuit of wellbeing

This autumn, Six Senses Ibiza offers a variety of retreats and immersions for those looking for transformation.

This autumn, Six Senses Ibiza offers a variety of retreats and immersions for those looking for transformation: to increase health and happiness, to live more intelligently and intuitively and to embrace an authentic sense of freedom in alignment with purpose.

After the cleansing end-of-season rains have swept across the island of Ibiza, refreshing the energy and cooling the atmosphere alike, our thoughts turn inward. For many island residents and Ibiza lovers, autumn allows us to focus on rejuvenation, relaxation, reconnection and recovery. It’s time to take a step back from the hustle, bustle and stress of everyday life and allow yourself the time and space to really unwind. And here in Ibiza, there’s no finer way to restore your vitality, enhance your personal growth and connect to your inner peace than with a signature wellness immersion at luxury five-star resort Six Senses Ibiza.

Taking place in autumn, the series of expert-led retreats are designed to envelop guests in the world of Six Senses Ibiza while also giving them the opportunity to experience a playful and profound personal journey amongst like-minded souls. Set on the stunning clifftops of Cala Xarraca, the resort melds seamlessly into the rugged landscape and forest that surrounds it. Step inside however, and Six Senses Ibiza exudes elegance, grace and beauty at every corner, from the chic and stylish suites and the magical restaurant spaces to the divinity of the signature spa and the magnificent views from the idyllic swimming pool.

Six Senses Ibiza is where to retreat to if you’re committed to making a difference, without ever having to compromise on luxury, quality or service.

Dedicated to conscious and sustainable living, the addition of these new immersions to the annual programming at Six Senses Ibiza adds a further string to the resort’s already impressive bow. These experiences are designed to be far more than your average wellness retreat; they have been purposely created to allow guests to align with their true purpose, to break free from their comfort zones and importantly, to give them the tools to continue to thrive when they return to their own reality – wherever that may be in the world.

The Six Senses Ibiza Retreats and Signature Immersion schedule includes a variety of programs for those looking for transformation: from increasing their health and happiness, to living more intelligently and intuitively, and to tuning into their inner compass and following their hearts and minds to embrace an authentic sense of freedom. Each retreat includes accommodation in a Sea View Junior Suite (with the option to upgrade of course), full board, use of the Six Senses Spa Ibiza heat and water experiences, access to daily wellness activities – and that’s all before you commence your chosen program.

From Wednesday October 6 to Sunday October 10, 2021, world-renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer and best-selling author Marisa Peer will be in residence at Six Senses Ibiza, hosting her Journey to Profound Transformation retreat. The award-winning therapist – who boasts almost 30 years of experience in her field – facilitates an experience that is deeply healing and designed to unlock your true potential for future success.

Believing that each and every one of us really can have it all – love, health, money, success, wealth, confidence and more – Peer has designed a five-day one-of-a-kind self-discovery program that will drive you to become the very best version of yourself and live your dream life. Working directly with Peer at Six Senses Ibiza this autumn is the perfect way to break free from old patterns and mindsets and move confidently into this new era. There are only a few spaces left!

Focusing on wellness goals such as immunity support, longevity and self-discovery, these experiences see clients guided towards wholeness and joy.

From Wednesday October 20 to Tuesday October 26, 2021, acclaimed Ibiza yoga instructor James de Maria hosts the heart nurturing Yogaflow Signature Immersion at Six Senses Ibiza. Suitable for yogis of all levels there couldn’t be a more beautiful place tune into this ancient practice. Soak up the powerful healing energy of the island, as you spend your days participating in yoga classes (twice daily) overlooking the sea, taking part in knowledge and sharing circles, mindful nature walks, ecstatic dance, Bollywood dance, chakra sound healing, meditation and breathwork, mandala art therapy, biohacking treatments and so much more.

Meals are healthy, light and vegetarian, and the entire experience is designed to reduce stress, energise your chakras, uplift your spirits, boost your immunity, all the while developing your strength and flexibility and deepening your practice. Reservations are now open and if you can’t make it to Six Senses Ibiza for the entire week, you can participate in a shorter version of the retreat from Thursday October 21 to Sunday October 24, 2021. More details here.

An additional Face Reading For Your Success in 2022 with Face Reading and Facial Diagnostics ExpertEric Standop retreat is planned from Friday December 3 to Sunday December 5, 2021, encouraging participants to be the best versions of themselves through this ancient art form and cutting-edge diagnostic tool. The retreat not only helps you understand yourself, but also to read and understand others – find more info and book here.

With a hand-picked team of experts facilitating the Retreats and Signature Immersions, not to mention one of the most spectacular locations in the Mediterranean, luxurious and comfortable dwellings, a warm and safe environment, farm-fresh cuisine and a community of participants who are passionate about the pursuit of wellbeing, Six Senses Ibiza is one of Europe’s top destinations for an autumn escape.

Forget the trappings of the outside world and let yourself prioritise learning, transformation, awareness, openness, communication, movement, nourishment and gratitude, in order to return to the world with a refreshed outlook, renewed health and revitalised energy. The time is now to embark on a life-changing journey at Six Senses Ibiza.