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Time-saving treatment combinations

Ibiza’s hottest new wellness clinic MedSpa Ibiza.

No matter how busy you are, with work, home or play in Ibiza, it’s important to remember to take time out for your personal wellbeing and health. And this is where Ibiza’s hottest new wellness clinic MedSpa Ibiza can help.

At times it feels as though life goes faster in Ibiza, more than anywhere else in the world. There are always places to go, people to see, and there’s music to dance to, cocktails to drink and parties to be at… Or, of course, if you’re an island resident, there’s work to do, clients to meet, family to take care of and much more. But no matter how busy you are, with work, home or play, it’s important to remember to take time out for your personal wellbeing and health. And this is where Ibiza’s hottest new wellness clinic MedSpa Ibiza can help. Understanding their clients’ needs to maximise their time, while also maximising their quality of life and health, MedSpa Ibiza offer a variety of health and beauty enhancing treatment combinations that can be taken together, meaning you get twice the service in half the time. This way, you can get straight back to your busy life, or valuable holiday time, fast – without having to compromise on quality.

Starting with a customised VitaminDrip® Intravenous Micronutrient Therapy – exclusive to MedSpa Ibiza here on the island – clients then select additional beauty and medical-grade treatments that can be administered while the IV drip is busy delivering replenishing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids directly into the blood stream, for fast and optimum results. The experienced team of health, wellness and medical professionals can best advice on the right VitaminDrip® treatment to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for vital rehydration, a specific vitamin, mineral or antioxidant boost, to burn fat and boost your metabolism, enhance your moods, boost your immune system or rejuvenate your skin and achieve a healthy glow, there is a drip for everyone. As the team at MedSpa Ibiza say, it’s so easy, you can do it lying down.

Suggested treatment combinations with a VitaminDrip® infusion include lymphatic drainage massage, or reflexology foot treatments for complete detoxification while also infusing the body with vital nutrients. For the ultimate in relaxation, MedSpa Ibiza’s experienced therapists offer a variety of massage styles in conjunction with your rejuvenating drip, meaning you float out of the clinic on cloud nine after the duration of your therapies. Skin-boosting combinations can include the application of hot cosmoceutical treatment, Mesoestetic Crystal Fiber Mask or the A-list favourite (and exclusive to MedSpa Ibiza) award-winning HydraFacial®, a revolutionary, non-invasive skin technology hailing from Los Angeles with instant results. In combination with skin boosting VitaminDrip® concoctions, you can fight fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness, skin tone and vibrancy, texture, hyper pigmentation, congested skin, enlarged pores and advanced signs of ageing, from the comfort of your salon bed.

If it’s a quick beauty boost you’re after, team an eyebrow threading session with your VitaminDrip® – you can walk out of the sleek and stylish Botafoch clinic and straight to sunset cocktails on the Marina! Most treatment combinations (excluding HydraFacial®, which requires the use of high tech equipment that is based solely in the clinic) can also be done in the comfort of your own villa, hotel or yacht, saving you even more valuable time on travelling to and from appointments and waiting in busy summer traffic. MedSpa Ibiza’s philosophy is to make their clients beautiful from the inside out, and also from the outside in – an easy-to-achieve reality with these clever combinations.

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