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Yoga on-demand: Animal Flow Part 1

First, learn the basics of this fun and fascinating practice then get set to move like a monkey as you put them into action - now on-demand.

Instructor Adam Stansbury leads us through a dynamic class that’s quite different from regular yoga sessions, using animal-type movements to dynamically stretch the body and fascia, engage core control and stabilise the joints this Wellness Weekend, a collaboration between White Ibiza and Transformation Station.

Video: Transformation Station

On Saturday February 27, 2021, instructor Adam Stansbury led the first of our Wellness Weekends sessions in collaboration with Transformation Station. First, he took us through a lesson in the basic Animal Flow movements, live from the stunning Transformation Station dome in the hills of the north of Ibiza. Following the lesson, we put the moves in motion in a dynamic flow that worked our mind and body coordination, put a spring in our steps and energised us for the weekend ahead.

Now, you can tune in on demand any time you like – make sure you’ve got a nice clear space to move around the floor a lot, whether you’re in your living room, garden or on a roof terrace, you’ll be springing around like a monkey for parts of the practice! Partly inspired by martial arts moves such as Capoeira, Jujitsu and more, with a touch of HIIT-like drills plus the flow of a yoga practice, the class is very different to a regular yoga flow session, helping stimulate your creativity as much as it does your heart rate, flexibility and strength.

If you liked today’s lesson with Adam, you’re in luck! He’ll be back next weekend for the second-part of the introductory Animal Flow series so be sure to keep practicing on demand this week to get the hang of those new moves before the next class. You’ll also find plenty more classes, courses and workshop filmed in beautiful Ibiza locations on TransformationStation.online – click here to register for free access and we’ll see you on the virtual mat next Wellness Weekend!