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A tapestry of tales – D Shop

Beyond the arches of this 300-year-old finca is a treasure trove of home inspiration, helmed by interior designer Kate Tilbury Cooke.

Set within a 300-year-old Ibicencan farmhouse near Santa Gertrudis, D Shop is where sumptuous fabrics and cutting-edge design intertwine in a haven for design afficionados and textile connoisseurs.

Words: Danni Landa | Photos: Sofia Gomez Fonzo

The rich and storied history of Ibiza is woven into the fabric of its architecture, with a tapestry of tales waiting to be discovered in every finca, villa or home on the island. One such story is set within the rustic charm of an iconic 300-year-old farmhouse on the road to Santa Gertrudis – if the walls of D Shop could talk, they’d tell tales worthy of a Hollywood gossip columnist. Fortunately, for clients of Ibiza’s premier source of soft furnishings and upholstery fabrics, discretion has always been part of the service.

The finca – easily identified by its iconic triple-arched white façade and vivid pink Art Deco logo – has been an integral part of the island community for decades, but it was in 1979 when vibrant island personality Chiqui Uruñuela Zunzunegui took the helm that its story began to get more colourful, both literally and figuratively. Chiqui transformed the space into an interior design studio, working her creative magic on the very best homes in Ibiza. Around two decades years later, she handed the business to her equally fabulous daughter Paola Madurga de Uruñuela, who continued to build on her mother’s legacy.

Set within a 300-year-old Ibicencan farmhouse near Santa Gertrudis, D Shop is where sumptuous fabrics and cutting-edge design intertwine.

Fast forward another 25 years, and it became Paola’s turn to pass the design emporium’s baton – along with the legendary D Shop little black book – onto its newest creative custodians, British interior designer Kate Tilbury Cooke and her husband and business partner Damon (and their trusty assistant, Roxy, the island’s most fashionable canine). The pair, never shy of facing a challenge head-on, took over during the maelstrom that was 2020 and just four years later, this family-run business has masterfully taken the D Shop story into its next chapter, while maintaining its reputation as the go-to destination when it comes to Ibiza home design.

Kate’s background as an interior designer in London and New York equips her with the finesse to collaborate effectively with homeowners, architects, and designers alike. While her expertise and natural talent are a cornerstone of the D Shop philosophy, she attributes the store’s continued success and growth to her dedicated team and their commitment to personalised care and exceptional quality. “We do everything from start to finish,” she says. “From the first consultation to measuring, installation and all the detailed touches, including fabrication, which is all done here in Ibiza.”

Visitors to D Shop are invariably mesmerised by the extensive selection of fabric samples on display. Kate’s exquisite taste and discerning eye serve as the ideal guide through the treasure trove of textiles – a stunning variety of fine linens, sumptuous brocades, creamy velvets, vibrant prints, luxurious cashmere and more. “It’s a showroom more than anything else,” she says. “We have the largest selection of fabrics in Ibiza. At last count, there were over 180,000 samples and I’m constantly revising the collection.”

Integrating her own global outlook garnered from frequent travels, Kate is tuned into the desires of her clients and is seeing a slow movement away from the classic soft whites and creams synonymous with Ibiza’s aesthetic. “Off whites and linens will always be elegant but my eyes do light up when someone comes in looking for colour, pattern and a bit of wow factor.” In response, alongside D Shop‘s array of stunning neutrals, you’ll see bouclé in punchy mustards and golds, velvets in deep scarlets and blushing pinks and wools hand dyed in regal purples, washed blues and eye-catching prints.  

New D Shop team member Lou Yellowlees shares a moment with Kate surrounded by a selection of the 180,000 fabric samples on offer. 

Technological innovation has revolutionised the fabric industry, complemented by the D Shop team’s inventive spirit. Pertinent to Ibiza are the advancements in outdoor fabrics. “That’s been really interesting,” says Kate. “The new capabilities with outdoor fabrics are ground-breaking. Some of them are so good people are even using them inside as they resist mould and sun damage, which is often an issue on the island.” Boat grade netting is sewn into the underside of sunbed cushions for enhanced durability during unremitting summers. Motorised blinds are tailored with precision-matched materials for smooth operation and optimal sun defence. Polypropylene carpets mimic the look and feel of natural fibre but can be used outside and easily jet-washed.

Parallel to technological progress is the burgeoning industry-wide commitment to sustainability, a shift that has invigorated Kate and the D Shop team. “Many more eco fabrics are being produced,” she says. “I started with just a few sample books and now I have an entire rail, with many more coming soon. Almost all of our suppliers have launched eco-lines and they have a huge range of applications, from curtains and upholstery to voile and even blackout. They’re absolutely amazing.” Her current favourites include a recycled bouclé in earthy tones and recycled polyester Mallorquin print, versatile enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

A unique collection of hand-picked vintage Moroccan carpets, knotted wall hangings and original artwork complement the soft furnishings on offer.

While curtains, blinds and upholstery are the foundation of any home’s soft furnishings, D Shop also produces custom-made valances, headboards, cushions, wallpapers and a distinctive line of roll-up blinds made from natural materials. Just as their vast range of fabric samples differentiates them from other stores in Ibiza, so too does their collection of made-to-measure carpets, vintage Moroccan rugs and other exquisite items such as handcrafted, knotted wall hangings, opulent beach towels, and original artwork. Kate fosters a dynamic design community through sporadic pop-up collaborations with artisans and artists, both local and international, reinforcing D Shop’s reputation as a nexus of home design.

As the tale of D Shop is woven into the future, the iconic showroom is a place where the aesthetic of Ibiza is both preserved and pushed forward, where timeless elegance coexists with contemporary boldness. Kate and the team don’t simply follow trends, they set them – ensuring that every piece, from the smallest cushion to the largest rug, is delivered on time and with scrupulous attention to detail – transforming a house into a home. As the island begins to stir with the rumblings of an exciting new summer season ahead, now is the time to visit D Shop to infuse your Ibiza home with beauty, functionality, and a touch of the extraordinary.