Ibiza holidays

Arriving home – Finca Legado Ibiza

The beautiful boutique B&B set in lush gardens that feel like home is now open for the season.

A boutique B&B set in lush gardens that feel like home, Finca Legado Ibiza is the island’s best kept secret. Quirky design, attention to detail and a relaxed rustic vibe makes this eight-room ‘rough luxe’ haven an Ibiza lover’s dream.

Finca Legado Ibiza harks back to a time when boutique hotels were the only kind of hotel in Ibiza. Well before multinational chains and branded steel and glass towers, hotels were owned and operated as family affairs, where the personalities of the hosts were reflected in the service and ambience. Located in Ibiza’s east, just outside Santa Eulalia, Finca Legado Ibiza’s unconventional setting is a direct reflection of owners Andreas Oberkanins and Andi Lackner’s lifelong passion for high-design, understated luxury and precise yet casual service.
The couple’s pre-Ibiza lifestyle was dictated by satisfying but stressful jobs in fashion and events, but they had always dreamed of a different way of living. Even though Andi was more inclined to Mykonos, Andreas talked him into coming to Ibiza for a holiday and the deal was sealed. “I never thought I would like it,” says Andi. “I don’t want to go on holiday to a party scene. Please do not take me to Ibiza!” But as soon as he arrived, he became enchanted with the island’s beauty and energy, just like Andreas knew he would. Many visits followed and the seed was sown to spend a whole year on the island; an idea that soon morphed into living here full time. Both of them had always dreamed of running a bed and breakfast. And so, Finca Legado Ibiza began to take shape.

Finca Legado Ibiza tips over into a fantastical world that sparks the imagination but above all induces a sense of belonging and calm.

In true Ibiza style, the pair were introduced to the property that would later on become Finca Legado Ibiza by a random passenger on a flight from Berlin to Ibiza. “The plane was late,” says Andi. “So, I was stuck in Berlin and started chatting to another passenger. We had to stay overnight, and this lady was all alone so we shared a taxi to the hotel.” Not long after, finally back in Ibiza, this mysterious seatmate called to say she had something they should go look at immediately. Synchronicity and kismet have always been part of Ibiza’s essential nature.
The property was quite run down and needed a full makeover and by the time the lease was negotiated, Andi and Andreas had only ten weeks to refurbish and open as a fully functioning bed and breakfast. “Everybody said we were crazy, that we wouldn’t make it,” recalls Andreas. “But here we are, five years later and still in love with life.” Finca Legado Ibizas name came from the idea of legacy and heritage. “We wanted to honour everything that Ibiza is and was,” says Andi. “Not only the party side, but the culture and history and all the people working to restore the old ways. It’s also a little play on words because the Spanish word llegado means arrival – and we want people to arrive here and feel welcomed.”

Even though neither of the owners previously worked in the hotel industry, their world travels, a keen eye for beauty and natural talent for organisation meant they walked into this project with key skills already in place. “We created a place that we ourselves would like to stay in,” explains Andreas. “I tell everybody: don’t expect it to be perfect. We call it rough luxe.” Despite their protestations, Finca Legado Ibiza is beyond ‘rough luxe’ and tips over into a fantastical world that sparks the imagination but above all induces a sense of belonging and calm. 
There are eight private rooms at Finca Legado Ibiza, each with its own unique design and character. “We chose colour palettes and design elements that celebrate the beauty of Ibiza,” says Andreas. Vintage gems sit alongside rustic pieces and contemporary art while bespoke wall coverings distinguish the themes of each space. All rooms boast Royal Sleep box spring mattresses, ensuring rest fit for a king, while Marshall bluetooth speakers mean the playlist is always just right. The couple has gone above and beyond in supplying Finca Legado Ibiza’s rooms with the best amenities while remaining conscious of waste and carbon footprints. Bathrooms are stocked with refillable containers of luscious products from the organic, vegan brand Be My Friend. Coffee comes from local roasters Meke who specialise in organic and sustainable blends. Even the water in refillable glass bottles comes from Finca Legado Ibiza’s own osmosis system, completely eliminating plastic.

Details are clearly important at Finca Legado Ibiza and it’s not only noticeable in the interior spaces, but in the exquisite gardens too.

Breakfast is included at Finca Legado Ibiza and is always accompanied by soothing classical music. The à la carte menu features eggs provided by Finca Legado Ibiza’s hens plus a cornucopia of homemade delights such as yogurt with fresh fruits, roasted nuts and spices, juices, pastries with homemade jams, breads, porridge, Bircher Muesli, cheeses and charcuterie. “It’s always good to feed people well in the morning. That way you know they are set up to have a good day,” says Andi. While most guests go out for lunch, there are always afternoon snacks available for those peckish moments between meals. Up to three evenings a week, the pair also host ‘Dinner 4 Friends’. “It’s family style,” says Andi. “We set the big table and everyone sits down to eat together. It’s a great atmosphere because the guests get to know each other. It changes the whole vibe.”
Details are clearly important at Finca Legado Ibiza and it’s not only noticeable in the interior spaces. The exquisite gardens are filled with fruit and fragrant citrus trees. Palm trees tower over the landscape and purple bougainvillaea, hibiscus and bird of paradise vie for colourful attention. Birds flit in and out of the green spaces from the surrounding farmlands and every-so-often crickets and frogs sing in a gentle chorus. The 15-metre chlorine-free saltwater pool boasts a garland of double day beds while more secluded chill-out areas are tucked into the greenery.

Andreas and Andi created Finca Legado Ibiza not only as a guesthouse but as a place to funnel their creative energies. “It was never just a way to make money,” says Andi. “We created this as a way to spend our lives, build something beautiful and to meet interesting people from all over the world. For us, that’s a great luxury.” While Andi and Andreas are the creators and owners of this divine space, the real team behind Finca Legado Ibiza’s success is Gino, Ginger and Mitzi. As a Jack Russell Terrier, Gino (pictured below) makes the perfect concierge – greeting people with a tail wag and a request for a pat. Naturally, as felines, Ginger and Mitzi are more reserved, offering the odd weave through the legs and lap naps, but keeping a watchful eye on all goings on. Andreas and Andi, along with their three furry assistants, have created one of Ibiza’s best-kept secrets. Finca Legado Ibiza encapsulates the essence of the island in a serene, welcoming and stylish ambience, and it’s now open and welcoming guests for the 2022 season.