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Challenge and collaboration

Moonk & Figus finds balance and joy in hotel design

Mauricio Moggia of Moonk and Figus creatively bridges commercial and private design in his latest project, Hotel Anfora in Ibiza.

When it comes to his work, Mauricio Moggia of local interior and exterior design firm Moonk and Figus loves two things: challenge and collaboration. One of his most recent projects delivered both to his immense satisfaction. The redesign of Hotel Anfora in Es Canar provided a perfect blank canvas to really dig deep into how design can influence mood and enhance wellbeing; working closely with Silvia de la Colina of Ibiza Koncept, the hotel’s branding company, was a revelation for the designer. The result is fresh, light-filled interiors and relaxed yet chic exteriors that breath new life into this 50-year-old Ibiza institution transforming it from a two-star to a four-star hotel.

Moving smoothly between the private and commercial worlds is something Moggia embraces with enthusiasm so when Moonk and Figus were approached by Hotel Anfora’s branding specialists he was ready to jump right in. “It was the first time we’ve worked with a branding company,” he explains. “Our teams really clicked and throughout the process, it really felt like we became one.” The collaboration was so successful that Moonk and Figus are now working on another project with de la Colina. Hotel design is a completely different beast to private homes and requires a certain sensibility and understanding. Getting to know the demographic is essential.

“Firstly, you need to understand what the space is used for and what kind of mood you want to create,” explains de la Colina. Hotel Anfora is located in Es Canar on Ibiza’s east coast, just outside of Santa Eulalia town centre. Once a small fishing village, over the years this coastal paradise has converted into a family holiday destination attracting a varied clientele. “We needed to find a balance because you might get a family with young kids, a retired couple or people with teenagers,” Moggia says. “In this instance, Moonk and Figus wanted to create a welcoming ambience and a place that was inviting, where a variety of people would feel comfortable.”

The atmosphere around Es Canar is decidedly carefree and family oriented. Moonk and Figus aimed to celebrate that feeling and also provide a forward-thinking stylish design. “We chose very calming tones,” says Moggia. “People are on holiday with their families, we don’t want to challenge them visually, we want them to feel peaceful.” Pale woods feature heavily throughout the interior spaces, giving a light-hearted frame for a palette of whites, neutral tans and light greys tempered with dashes of tropical green. If Scandinavia dreamed of a beach holiday, it would look something like Hotel Anfora. Clean, fresh and bright, walking into the lobby is akin to sliding into a pool with a fruity cocktail in hand – it’s impossible not to feel great.

Moonk and Figus designed the lobby bar and restaurant as a place where walking in off the beach is totally acceptable. It’s casual yet chic, referencing the lightness seen from the entrance and embracing the sunshine pouring through the glass doors leading to the pool area. A textured feature wall created with coconut shells rises up behind the bar, creating an appealing coarse surface. “Using raw materials such as the coco-shell wall covering and wood is very soothing,” says Moggia. “It takes away any feeling of the corporate world and brings nature indoors.” The guest rooms are equally tranquil, maintaining the same tonal patterns. “The floors were fixed so we had to work around the colour,” says de la Colina. “Restrictions come with every project but for me, they mean challenge, which I love,” adds Moggia.

The rooms are kept neutral with pale tones contrasted by charcoal coverlets to complement the floors and create perspective. The feeling of lightness continues providing an unobtrusive ambience necessary for restful nights. Commercial interior design has to withstand heavy usage. Moonk and Figus opted for products that can endure a high turn around of people. “You have to be conscious of wear and tear in a hotel,” he explains. “A house design can last longer because it’s not being used by so many people. It’s also easier to update whenever you want; people have more room to change style.” Thinking ahead, Moggia chose brands for their durability and timelessness. Keeping the overall design fresh makes updating the soft furnishings and fabrics as tastes change much easier and economically wise.

Moonk and Figus are masters of using wall coverings to enhance mood and create resting places for the eye. The lobby features splashes of British paper brand Cole & Sons’ classic Palm Jungle print. Not only does it add greenery to the space, there’s also something particularly joyful about the style – a little bit of retro fun complementing the general Ibiza vibe that permeates the hotel. Lighting is probably one of the most important elements for successful design, and at Hotel Anfora, Moggia relied heavily on Barcelona based manufacturers Bover. Renowned across the world for their innovative lighting solutions, here, he has expertly used their pendants to create texture and atmosphere. Exteriors have long been a Moonk and Figus speciality but hotels need a totally different mindset to private homes. “You need to be very flexible creatively when it comes to commercial projects,” says Moggia.

Furniture must withstand heavy usage and in a hotel that attracts families, it needs to be durable and welcoming to all. “The landscape is quite tropical and fresh so that informed our choices for the exterior,” he says. “We went with classics. It’s very comfortable; there’s nothing confronting.” Timeless Unopiù umbrellas shade wooden sunbeds and modular sofas while canopied Bali beds provide a lovely respite from the sun. Charcoal towels refer to the room coverlets and are stored in handwoven rattan baskets, leaving the merest touch of rustic beach house chic. The element that makes a Moonk and Figus design really sing is the firm’s ability to truly understand their client. The team’s enthusiasm for their work is infectious and permeates every aspect of the process, even through the challenging moments of meeting deadlines. The Hotel Anfora redesign is a perfect example of the synergy Moonk and Figus nurtures between client, concept and the result. Whether working on private homes or commercial projects, Moggia and his team never fail to bring the same zest, transparency and detail-oriented processes.