Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito

A romantic and secluded Ibiza beach restaurant overlooking the hidden bay of the same name, Cala Gracioneta evokes the authentic Mediterranean soul.

Sharing its name with the quaint and tranquil cove that it presides over, Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito is one of the most laid-back and relaxed Ibiza beach restaurants you’ll ever discover. The rustic setting evokes a feeling of authentic bohemianism, with a dash of local Ibicencan tradition. Here, everyone is equal and most importantly, everyone is welcome – this is a place where the warm and welcoming Mediterranean soul shines through in terms of flavours, setting and service.

Run with passion by the family-owned Mambo Group, this little Ibiza beach restaurant jewel on the west coast of Ibiza is a far cry from the hustle and bustle of some of their more legendary music-based destinations, and with good reason. Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito is a place where their family (and yours!) can get together and relive the Ibiza of days gone by – days where you’d settle into your table, feet in the sand, Mediterranean breeze in your hair, and connect with your nearest and dearest over simple yet sensational homecooked cuisine, washed down with good wines or Sangria, taking dips in the sea in between courses.

In keeping with local traditions, the Ibiza beach restaurant’s menu draws heavily on Mediterranean classics and Spanish favourites. An array of sharing dishes satisfies all appetities, ages, and dietary requirements at Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito – think anchovies from Cantábrico, Iberian acorn-fed ham with bread and tomato, those famous Russian roulette padron peppers (you never know which one will be spicy), fried calamari with homemade tartare sauce or croquetas de sepia. And that’s just to name a few.

When it’s time for the main course at Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito, many groups love to share the typical Spanish rice dishes – available with seafood or as a vegetarian version – cooked in the Valencian ‘arroz a banda’ style, which means they are cooked traditionally as the ancient fishermen of Alicante would do, then left to dry under the grill for around five minutes before serving. The result is a sticky, delicious texture that your waiter scrapes out of the pan at your table – a truly authentic Ibiza beach restaurant experience.

Elsewhere at Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito, the famous grill serves up one of the best fillet steaks in Ibiza (among other choice beef cuts), crispy free-range chicken with yellow chili, garlic and ginger, or a hearty homemade burger. Salmon and octopus, and the freshest catches of the day are also given a sizzle on the flame-grill, before being brought directly to your table at the Ibiza beach restaurant. The mouth-watering dessert menu (hello raspberry sorbet cheesecake and homemade lemon pie!) is worth saving room for and the bespoke cocktail menu gives you plenty more reason to linger longer…

Open for lunch and dinner, dining in this secluded cove, beneath a canopy of fragrant pine trees and with a view straight across to the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea is an Ibiza beach restaurant you’ll never forget. Also available for weddings and special events, the familial service and passion for their craft shines through on every level at Cala Gracioneta Chiringuito – whether you pop in for a cocktail, stay for lunch, watch the sunset, enjoy a decadent dinner or get married on the deck, you’ll always be treated like a member of the family.

Address: Carrer a Grassio, 5, 07820, Sant Antoni de Portmany View on a map
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