Glow Lab Ibiza

New Ibiza spa clinic Glow Lab Ibiza has quickly gained cult-like status thanks to its range of high-tech treatments, advanced therapies and highly educated therapists.

Ibiza and beauty have forever been intertwined. The island has long been associated with beautiful people, glowing sun-kissed complexions, radiant smiles and a youthful, joie de vivre, and while spending time in Ibiza certainly helps give one a natural Balearic glow, it also helps to have a cutting-edge Ibiza spa like Glow Lab Ibiza on speed dial. The sleek, modern clinic is pioneering advanced technologies, results-driven therapies and non-invasive techniques – the future of skincare is here.

Set in a convenient and unassuming location just ten minutes from Ibiza town, Glow Lab Ibiza is discreet, luxurious and 100% worthy of its cult-like status among Ibiza’s discerning locals, the visiting jet-set and a host of celebrities. Four unique treatment rooms are like spacious cocoons away from the outside world; a place to retreat and relax as you recover, restore and rejuvenate at the hands of Ibiza’s most skilled therapists and aestheticians. There is no other Ibiza spa like it.

While the Glow Lab Ibiza experience is every bit as pampering and blissful as a luxury spa, science and technology are at the heart of every treatment. The concept is top-to-toe, focusing on anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments and with a view that beauty can be achieved from the inside out. Each client is treated wholly from the start, starting with a consultation to determine exactly what their skin needs. There is no one size fits all treatment – every bespoke course of complementary treatments is designed for the individual’s needs and skin conditions.

Facials are one of the Ibiza spa’s specialties, and range from Ibiza must-haves, Jet Lag Facials and Hangover Treatments, to the glam essential Platinum Red Carpet, Pure Oxygen Glow, Collagen Boost and Start The Glow, which can be upgraded to included eye, lip, hydration and contouring solutions. Facial peels, Meso Therapy, Cryo Facials (aka FROTOX) are also on offer at Glow Lab Ibiza, where knowledgeable, white-clad therapists transform your look within as little as 45 minutes. The stars of the show are the full-effect Gold and Silver Glow Contour packages that lift and contour to take ten to 15 years off your looks – the technology is just that good.

Laser therapies are new on the menu for 2021 at Glow Lab Ibiza, utilising the newest technologies and machines on the market, including radio frequencies, soft laser, LED and vaccuum massage for instant lifting and tightening – ideal for reducing cellulite. The Ibiza spa offers treatments that remove tattoos, improve hyperpigmentation, reduce melasma, eliminate acne scars and so much more. Hair removal options that are suitable for all hair and skin types and that are safe to use all year round are also on offer, alongside teeth whitening cosmetology to ensure you walk out with a big smile on your face.

Glow Lab Ibiza is also at the forefront of body treatments, and the clinic features the island’s one and only high pressure oxygen and hydrogen Hyperbaric chamber and sole Cryotherapy chamber. Ideal for athletes, cryotherapy also helps with arthritis, headaches, eczema, psoriasis, tendinitis, inflammation and more, in addition to add skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

Contouring and tightening treatments are also available to help you spring into shape, massages help you unwind and relax, while a range of vitamin IV boosts are available to as a complementary therapy. A series of customised vitamin treatments to suit your DNA is in the future works for 2021, with Glow Lab Ibiza set to collaborate with a respected doctor for optimum results – watch this space. Loving the skin you’re in is easy after a visit to Glow Lab Ibiza – the results truly speak for themselves.

Address: Carretera San Jose, KM1.7 (Can Bellotera), 07817, Ibiza View on a map
Telephone: +34 622 275 477 (via WhatsApp only)
Email: [email protected]