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Top 5 cakes

There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter wedding cake and Mitch the Cake Lady excels at creating bespoke masterpieces for her clients.

In today’s wedding world, there’s no such thing as a cookie cutter wedding cake, with all brides, grooms and weddings being so different, it stands to reason their demands for dessert would also be highly varied.

Here in Ibiza, the island’s go-to creative baking artist, Mitch the Cake Lady, excels at creating bespoke masterpieces for her clients, working closely with the couple on every aspect, from design, colours and flavours to incorporating elements of their personalities. Here she talks us through her favourite five wedding cakes – each completely unique to the client. As she has been known to say: Everything’s possible with cake!

Casino Cake

“Make us something spectacular,” said the client when commissioning Mitch the Cake Lady to create a dessert for the International Women’s Business Club dinner at jackpot Restaurant, set within Ibiza’s slick and modern casino. For Mitch, the location instantly dictated the theme of the cake and she went to work designing a three-tier cake with a base diameter of 35 centimetres and a height of 30 centimetres (excluding the dice). “I tried to incorporate as many casino elements as possible – the theme was super enjoyable to work with and designing this cake was lots of fun,” Mitch says. “ The flavours were a combination of red velvet and chocolate, again incorporating the casino colours of red and black.” 26 hours later, the cake was ready to be delivered and devoured!

Pearl Pillows

For an intimate Ibiza wedding, the bride and groom requested an impressively tall, stacked pillow shaped cake with pearl details. “Although the wedding was small, they still wanted a four-tier statement cake,” explains Mitch of the brief. “We made this possible by creating two out for the four tiers ‘dummy cakes’, made from polystyrene! This enabled the bride to get her wish.” And no cake to go to waste, may we add. Each sturdy sponge tier was carved into the correct shape, all slightly different, and featuring intricate beadwork that meant each individual bead had to placed on the cake by hand. “The brooch on the top is made from all edible material,” says Mitch. “Only the board, ribbon and internal support are not edible. I love the elegance of this cake – it was a true labour of love.” 40 hours of labour to be precise!

Yin & Yang Love

There’s no better feeling for a creative person than when the client leaves the brief completely to their own hand and as long-term friends, grooms-to-be Peyton and Boris trusted Mitch the Cake Lady completely to capture their personalities, love and bond in cake. “The couple are complete opposites in personality, yet fit together so well, hence the Yin and Yang, indicated by one of them loving the winter season, and the other worshipping a sun-loving lifestyle,” Mitch explains of her inspiration. “Each element on the cake represents something they either love as a couple or individually. The biggest challenge was how to incorporate their cat – she is sleeping in the hammock!” After 30 hours of passionate work, the couple were thrilled with Mitch’s creation. “Not only was the cake decorated in two different styles and colours, even the flavours reflected their favourites: two Red Velvet tiers for one and two pumpkin tiers for the other,” she says. “Everything apart from the internal support is edible, and the decorative elements were made a few weeks in advance to allow time for drying and painting. I love the paradox and unity of the design as well as the couple.”

Gold tipped roses

The biggest challenge of this gorgeous white chocolate with white chocolate ganache wedding cake was the production of the gold-tipped sugar roses. “Sugar roses need to be made a few weeks in advance to give them ample opportunity to dry,” explains Mitch the Cake Lady. “They are made petal by petal and assembled prior to the day of the event. The humidity on our island can be very destructive to sugar work, making it precarious to work with.” Work with it she did, and by the time the 80-capacity wedding rolled around (and after 48 hours worth of designing, baking and creating), Mitch had made sure each petal was in tip top shape, adorning the beautiful cake inspired by the bride’s love of white and chocolate alike – she later on described her dream cake as “absolutely sensational, stunning and tasted amazing”. “I love the elegance and simplicity of the detail with the flowers,” says Mitch. “The only non-edible items are the wires forming the stems of the roses and the internal support.”

Healthy in blue

A wedding cake with a difference, Mitch the Cake Lady dubbed this heavenly looking creation ‘Healthy in blue’. The brief from her clients was to create a gluten and refined sugar-free creation that remained tasty and beautiful and so the talented baker chose a ‘naked’ cake that suited the dietary requirements of the bride. “Each tier was a different flavor: chocolate, coconut and vanilla,” she explains. “The icing was marscapone cheese with agave and stevia for sweetening and fresh flowers were used as decorations as sugar could not be used on this cake. Developing a super tasty, yet healthy cake recipe was a challenge and I love the way this one turned out. This just proves that healthy does not have to be dull.” It turned out the clients loved the way it turned out too. “The cake was immense!” gushed the bride. “We had so many compliments on it. It looked stunning and tasted even better – it was so much more than I could have ever expected so thank you so much.”

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