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Self-care is not a hashtag

If self-care is ultimately about service then Wild Beets does self-care by providing it for others.

"Anything that you put before your own wellbeing will ultimately unbalance you," says Cliff Grubin, founder of Santa Gertrudis healthy eating hub Wild Beets.

“That doesn’t mean you can be an asshole though,” he clarifies, taking a swig at a steaming matcha latte. What he’s talking about is self-care. Not as a handy hashtag for when you cane it in yoga or book a spa visit. He’s not talking about #selfcare. He’s talking about intention and realisation. But with a certain dose of coy, gritty comedy thrown in. We all get lost in the labyrinth of wellbeing, forgetting the basic element keeping everything running – physically and emotionally – is food. There’s too much going on, running here, rushing there, pinging phones, waiting for emails. And here in Ibiza, it’s also really, really hot. The first error in that downward spiral is eating anything we can find – something fast and quick. In compromising self-care, we end up sacrificing more than our health and mood – we sacrifice our ability to serve others.

“The ultimate goal of self-care is that it leads to service,” says Cliff. “Doing things for others feels really good. That’s where self-care should end up – helping others. It doesn’t mean you won’t complain about it on the way or forget sometimes. Or feel like a hypocrite occasionally.” The first pillar of taking care is eating well. There are no compromises at Wild Beets, where everything is aimed at maximum health benefits and prepared in a way that’s hard to achieve at home. Things happen behind the kitchen door that you won’t necessarily notice within the vibrant dishes on the menu. Vegetables are fermented (good for the digestive system), nuts and grains are soaked (releasing important minerals), and milks (rice, oat and almond) are made from scratch. Juices are cold-pressed (making the nutrients more readily available) and super charged elixirs are added to boost everything from the immune system to your mood.

It’s not just about eating healthy and delectable food. “The menu is plant-based, organic, cruelty free cuisine prepared via methods based on scientific evidence,” Cliff explains. “We never sacrifice the moral foundation of the restaurant.” Even in the height of a crazy day, you can stop by Wild Beets and get exactly what your body, mind and conscience needs. Good, homemade, plant-based, nutrient-rich deliciousness. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and juices – it’s all there waiting to help you take care of yourself. The Wild Beets offshoot, iPurify, provides cold-pressed juice cleanses either for home or with the guidance of the expert team. Or you can just grab a juice from the chiller for an instant, healthy pick-me-up. Naturally, everyone needs a little sweetness occasionally. Decadence is permitted and comes in the shape of beautiful raw desserts and cheeky homemade truffles.

Most parents are familiar with the age worn trope of getting kids to eat healthy food. The Wild Beets kids’ menu takes all the pain away serving up child friendly dishes that follow the same principles as the rest of the menu. The menu is so popular amongst the little ones that grown-ups are often caught sneaking nibbles from their children’s plates. It’s never too early to show kids how to take care of their health. While other establishments close down for the winter, Wild Beets is open all year round. “We hold it together throughout summer and winter so you don’t have to,” laughs Cliff. “If life catches up on you, come here. We do the hard work for you.” And in that lies the root of the Wild Beets reason for being. If self-care is ultimately about service, then Wild Beets does self-care by providing it for others.

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