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Like a virgin…

Miss W experiences the island for the very first time

You see, I’ve been living and working in Ibiza for quite some years now, and I think I started to become passé about the whole summer thing.

That’s how I’m going to be looking at Ibiza this summer. Like a virgin. No, not in the Madonna sense of the word! More like someone who is experiencing the island for the very first time.

You see, I’ve been living and working in Ibiza for quite some years now, and I think I started to become passé about the whole summer thing. Ibiza is just ‘normal’ to me now, I get up and go about my business every day, all year round, as if it were nothing special.

But I’ve been kidding myself – it is SO special! It is the most special, amazing, unique, crazy, fascinating, legendary, fun island on the planet. Thankfully, I came to this realisation (again) after emerging from my break-up haze a few months ago, when all of a sudden I started to see the island – and all its inhabitants (oh OK, boys) – with fresh eyes. For the second time in my life, it felt like I was discovering this island paradise for the very first time!

I feel the ‘wow’ factor when visiting Es Vedra again.The beautiful colours of the Ibiza sunset leave me speechless. Walking into Dalt Vila never fails to take my breath away. My heart soars when I see Formentera on the horizon. And today, on the national Dia del Baleares, I feel proud to be a member of the Ibiza community. 

I get butterflies in my stomach when I see opening party date announcements in my Facebook feed. I scour the local sales in search of cool new clothes to wear this summer. I love hearing the whispers about who’s going to work where, who’s taken over which venue and who’s going to be the next big thing. I get a thrill when thinking about the music we’re going to be hearing in the coming months… And of course my mind starts to wander about all the interesting new arrivals (oh OK, boys) we’re going to be meeting!

And I drive. I just drive. I drive, and drive, and drive, to see as much of this beautiful island as I can possibly take in. No matter how much you drive, no matter how many bumpy caminos you take, no matter how many kilometres you’ve clocked up on the gauge, no matter how many times you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always something new around the corner (metaphorically and literally it seems here on the white isle).

We’ve got new clubs (Bomba, the new venture between Giuseppe Cipriani and Danny Whittle in the old Heaven nightclub, plus the Ushuaia Tower rooftop space) to dance in for the first time, and new restaurants (a new Passion in the Marina, On The Rocks at the old La Vaca Argentina and even a new, mysterious incarnation of Aura) to dine in for the first time too. And for those who don’t call Ibiza home, new hotels (Ushuaia Tower once again, Pacha’s Destino and the cool looking Santos Ibiza on Playa d’en Bossa) to sleep in for the very first time!

The winds of change are sweeping through Ibiza as I type and the first wave of spring openings are upon us with the arrival of March (hello Atzaro Beach, Atzaro HotelSpa and Restauranthello Nagaihello Cicalehello Bambuddhahello Nassauhello Can Domingo and hello Blue Marlin – I’ve missed you all!). Soon rumours will be revealed, the sunbeds will be back on the beaches and Luciano will be playing Inner City’s Good Life as if nothing had ever changed.

And I for one, would not miss a minute!