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Weekend feasting

Modern gastronomy at Safragell Ibiza Suites and Spa

Safragell Ibiza Suites and Spa invites friends, neighbours and guests to the hotel’s stunning in-house restaurant for an evening of modern gastronomy.

As the Ibiza summer rolls along, one of the more fun challenges to set yourself is to eat your way around the island on different days of the week. Sniffing out the various offers and events from all the diverse restaurants takes a little bit of research – not to mention some fervent scanning of social media – but without much difficulty, a schedule can neatly come together. When it comes to kickstarting your weekend, the stunning Safragell Ibiza Suites and Spa has already become a regular fixture on all well-connected islanders’ dining diaries on weekend nights, thanks to the introduction of a weekly gourmet tasting menu.

Every weekend evening this summer, from 8pm until late, the restaurant and courtyard of Safragell Ibiza Suites and Spa resounds with voices, laughter and song, in a weekly celebration of gourmet food and great company. Although open to the public every night of the week, Friday nights in the newly-opened restaurant space offer a particular culinary treat in the form of a specially designed tasting modern Mediterranean cuisine menu from hotel’s well-travelled head chef. Brimming with local produce, served with an excellent selection of wines, and accompanied by live music and a vibrant ambience, it’s a unique chance to experience unique tastes, flavours and cooking techniques that are not found within the restaurant’s day to day menu.

The splendid setting of Safragell Ibiza Suites and Spa opened this summer, after a period of dedicated renovation on behalf of the Guasch family, who had inherited the land and its ruins. Much of the original farmland and pretty much all of the stone and clay buildings had fallen into decline over the past decades, requiring careful restoration to bring it back to its former glory while honouring the building’s architectural heritage. The outline of an ancient Roman aqueduct that previously brought water to the crops was still salvageable and now runs across the whole site, delivering fresh water and trickling fountains to wherever it is needed – a true testament to the dedication behind the project.

Sitting proudly overlooking the trajectory between Ibiza town and the north of the island, Safragell Ibiza Suites and Spa today boasts 12 spacious suites set in grounds surrounding the majestic and carefully restored 14th century farmhouse and courtyard. Walking up the curved pathway toward the main building, it’s easy to feel yourself stepping back in time to the days when this finca was the centre of its community, and neighbours would gather to collect water, be given work, or as is the case once again in 2019, to feast together in assembly beneath the stars.

The Friday night menu varies each week, taking advantage of the seasonal local produce the chef sources fresh that day. Whilst it may be a while before the Agroturismo’s burgeoning farm can provide for all its guests, everything on the Safragell Ibiza Suites and Spa menu – from the mint and yogurt dressing on the quinoa salad to the pan-fried vegetables served alongside the sustainable sea-bass – is sourced on the island from other organic huertas.

A sample menu might start with an innovative red fruit gazpacho with Iberian ham foam, or an avocado salad with Iberian torreznos (crispy fried pork rinds), mango and chill sauce. A choice of two main dishes is offered, such as solomillo de ternera (fillet steak) with potato terrine and pistachio sauce, or grilled cuttlefish with sautéed wakame and tagliatelle. Cinnamon caramel cheesecake or a tangy lemon sorbet are some of the dessert suggestions to round off the experience.

In addition to serving such delectable cuisine, the restaurant also offers musical entertainment on Friday evenings, with a hand-picked line-up of Ibiza-based musicians and performers taking centre stage on the starlit terrace. Bookings are recommended, and the cost of the gastronomic set menu is just 38€ per person, excluding drinks.

Easily accessible from the island’s famous San Juan ‘restaurant road’, Safragell Ibiza Suites and Spa is the ideal destination to meet friends and gather in the north of the island. Music, laughter, friends and feasting – the ultimate ingredients for any summer evening – magnificently merge every week to make summer memories. Just as it was all those hundreds of years ago, so it is once again: the family finca at Safragell Ibiza Suites and Spa brings together its community in the true spirit of Ibiza.