An Ibiza wedding can take many shapes and sizes, and the variations in Ibiza wedding catering are just as limitless, but when you find a chef that fits, then the rest of the planning is a piece of cake.

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Eileen's cakes are more than just a delicious dessert; they are a guest of honour.
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The Bar Ibiza
Cakes & catering in Ibiza The Bar Ibiza
Ibiza’s longest running professional mobile bar service.
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The Cake Studio Ibiza
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Decades of designing dream Ibiza cake creations for celebrations in Ibiza.
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The Ibiza Catering
Cakes & catering in Ibiza The Ibiza Catering
An unrivalled passion for gastronomy and exceptional organisational skills.
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What’s the thing that your carefully selected and invited guests will remember most about your Ibiza wedding (apart from your amazing outfits and incredible choice of location of course)? The answer unsurprisingly is the food. Ibiza wedding catering is such an integral part of any special day, that it’s important to take plenty of time and pay very close attention when finding a caterer and a menu that you are happy with.

Thanks to the guide, finding your dream Ibiza wedding catering or cake designer can be simple. For each of the cake specialists on our pages fulfilling even the trickiest of fantasies is all in a day’s work. Tiered, towered, or sugar-iced frosted, nothing is beyond the capabilities of our recommended cake designers, the only requirement on your part is a little, or a lot, of imagination. And the same goes for the chefs and Ibiza wedding catering. Festival-style food stalls with a global fusion theme? Gourmet banquet eating al-fresco under the stars? Perhaps a traditional Spanish wedding menu with locally sourced fish and vegetables? Or imported beef openly grilled at your table? The choice is all yours.

The island of Ibiza is already a foodie haven due to the superb climate and high proliferation of renowned restaurants and chefs. Local produce is excellent and varied, whilst imports are easily sourced due to close links to the mainland, it really couldn’t be easier to make your dream Ibiza wedding catering a reality once the decision has been made. Explore the White Ibiza Wedding Guide to find an Ibiza wedding catering company that shares your vision and can fit your needs, each page features link to their website and high-quality photos of their work, as well as a contact form to find out more. Let the tasting begin!