A guide to Ibiza’s most popular areas.

Where to stay Benirrás
Bohemian, laidback and with a never-ending amount of gorgeous scenery, this iconic area is loved for its pristine beaches, and hippie vibes.
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Cala Bassa
Where to stay Cala Bassa
A secluded bay on the island’s west coast, the shallow, gentle waters of this family friendly beach are surrounded by an ancient pine forest.
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Cala Conta
Where to stay Cala Conta
Perched on the edge of the west coast, this unique area is like a magical dreamscape, with a rugged coastline and pristine blue waters.
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Cala Vadella
Where to stay Cala Vadella
The first sight of the sea as you motor down the winding road towards this unspoiled cove takes your breath away.
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Cap Martinet
Where to stay Cap Martinet
This secluded cliffside area is a slice of pure Mediterranean luxury tucked into a pristine bay near Jesús and Ibiza town.
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Es Cavallet
Where to stay Es Cavallet
There are many beautiful beaches in Ibiza’s glam south but none quite epitomise island bohemian chic like this famous eastern landmark.
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Es Cubells
Where to stay Es Cubells
Time stands still in this tiny, picturesque village, where the pressure of every day life seems to just slip away.
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Morna Valley
Where to stay Morna Valley
Lush, green and secluded, this verdant strip of countryside is one of Ibiza's most sought after neighbourhoods.
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Where to stay Porroig
Situated on the south west coast of the island, this secluded hamlet of luxury homes on a small peninsula is truly magical.
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San Antonio
Where to stay San Antonio
There is a lot more to Ibiza's renowned west coast and its newly gentrified surrounds than first meets the eye.
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San Lorenzo
Where to stay San Lorenzo
This diminutive village is a locally loved secret sitting in the centre of the triangle of Santa Gertrudis, San Joan and San Carlos.
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Santa Eulalia
Where to stay Santa Eulalia
Ibiza’s most expansive municipality has a lot to offer – from secluded coves and large stretches of golden sand to cute villages and the town itself.
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Santa Gertrudis
Where to stay Santa Gertrudis
Bohemian, chic and buzzing, this picturesque village in the heart of the island is brimming with restaurants, cafes and boutiques.
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