Ibiza foodies

Redefining plant-based fine dining

An all-new gastronomic destination that proves vegan and gluten-free fine dining doesn’t have to be boring.

With a charming atmosphere, impeccable service, and a carefully crafted menu, new Ibiza fine dining restaurant PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo, in the village of Jesús, is a must-visit for passionate food lovers seeking an extraordinary plant-based and gluten-free journey through the flavours of Italy.

Words: Susie Saldanha McCormack | Photos: Luana Failla

The visionary minds behind beloved island institution Can Domingo never fail to surprise. Their latest venture is the outstanding PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo, Ibiza’s first vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free fine dining restaurant. Conveniently located in the heart of Jesús, this superb eatery reimagines and revolutionises the world of plant-based dining, alla italiana. Famed for their appreciation of beauty, good food and savouring life’s pleasures, the team’s bonhomie sets the stage for an unforgettable dining experience that even meat-eaters will relish. 

Owners Alessandro Barni Spadacini, Andrea Sanarica and chef Giuseppe Vivacqua have dedicated a significant amount of time and effort to refine this concept, meticulously crafting every detail of the restaurant until it became a reality. “We don’t rush into opening something year after year,” explains Alessandro. “We prefer to take our time to create something original. PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo is the result of Giuseppe’s long-awaited vision.” Carefully nurtured over time, the new venue represents the plant-based revolution sweeping across the world, offering a uniquely Italian and Ibizan perspective on the movement towards conscious eating. “We want to present something truly different,” says Giuseppe, or ‘Beppe’ as he’s known to most. “This is a vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free fine dining experience that is unlike any other on the island.”

Indulge in the ultimate vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free fine dining experience at PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo in Jesús.

“Our philosophy has always been about quality service and a serene ambience”, adds Andrea. “We aim to surprise and delight not only vegans and health-conscious people but also those seeking something adventurous.” The menu at PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo draws on the principles of haute cuisine, ensuring an impressive fusion of flavours and artistry. Their hearty and indulgent dishes burst with vibrant colours and bold flavours, and are presented with sophisticated elegance, creating a feast for both the palate and the eyes.

A contemporary space with a sense of openness, PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo’s modern urban ambience serves as a delightful gathering place for any occasion. The chic interiors and inviting terrace create a flawless backdrop for the culinary creations that await. Chef Beppe has perfected his vegan and vegetarian skills for decades, including training at Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurants such as Joia in Milan under the guidance of the renowned Pietro Leemann, who was the first ever vegetarian cuisine chef to be awarded a prestigious Star. Now, Beppe is ready to showcase his mastery to the world. “Plant-based cuisine is a celebration of nature’s abundance,” he says. “It’s a creative playground. The menu contains experiences that nourish and also feed the imagination.”

Highlights from the PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo menu include mouth-watering stuffed tomato with a sublime filling of white bean pâté, black truffle from Umbria and a luscious courgette cream infused with fresh mint. Can Domingo devotees will recognise the tantalising flavours of Beppe’s signature dish, ‘Under the Almond Tree’, where almond milk air floats over a spring garden, a captivating vision that delights the taste buds. The almond, leek and black truffle risotto reveals a delicate balance of velvety Ibizan almond butter, complemented with leek prepared two ways – crispy and in pesto – with a flourish of vegan black truffle to finish. It’s also worth noting that the desserts are on par with the main dishes here – expertly crafted plant-based and gluten-free delights ranging from homemade sorbets and ice creams to vegan tiramisu.

Starting with the warm welcome you’ll receive as you walk through the doors at PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo, you can expect a truly remarkable dining experience. In true Can Domingo style, your meal is complemented by a carefully curated selection of exceptional wines. From natural and orange wines to globally renowned labels, the exemplary list is all part of the sensory encounter, unearthing the profound relationship between plate and glass. Regular and organic gluten-free beers flow with abandon and the expertly crafted cocktails also feature local produce. A selection of natural soft drinks from the famed Italian brand Baladin are made with sustainable products harvested from protected regions, while the Ibiza-based Los Fermentistas supply tasty pro-biotic drinks such as kombucha and jun.

With a charming atmosphere, impeccable service, and a carefully crafted menu, this is a must-visit for passionate food lovers seeking an extraordinary plant-based journey through the flavours of Italy.

With its elegant Italian spin on hearty and flavourful plant-based fare, the PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo menu showcases the freshest local and organic ingredients prepared with care and reverence. You can taste the devotion and countless hours of experimentation that have gone into perfecting every bite. Open Wednesday to Monday evenings from 7pm, Alessandro, Andrea and of course, the man who is passionately dirving the concept, chef Beppe himself, invite you to savour a world of vegan culinary splendour as they redefine the art of healthy indulgence.

And when the weather cools down in September, the restaurant will open its doors for midday dining too, offering a delectable brunch, a dish of the day and takeaway option, making it the perfect pit-stop on the way to the beach, in between shopping or school runs, or just for a healthy and nutritious lunch with friends. Whether you adhere to a plant-based lifestyle or not, PLANT Veggie Bistrot by Can Domingo has something delicious to offer everyone with a discerning palate.