A uniquely personal approach to holiday rentals and property sales.

Can you send me a brochure with all your villas?

Sorry, White Ibiza Villas is dedicated to being as environmentally-friendly as possible, so our portfolio is paperless. We’re also constantly updating our collection of villas, which means the information you read online is as up-to-the-minute as possible at all times.

Why are your villas listed under different names than appears on the house?

This is to protect the much-valued privacy of the owners of each villa in addition to being a security measure. Once you have confirmed and paid for your booking with White Ibiza Villas, we will provide you with full property details, including address and directions. Please trust that the information included in our guide is correct regarding the general area – it’s for privacy and security reasons that we don’t share exact GPS details on the site.

How do I know a property is right for me?

Each and every one of the properties in the White Ibiza Villas portfolio has been personally visited by a member of our staff to ensure it meets the high standards of our discerning clientele. At the same time, we make a thorough assessment of the villa in order to provide you with all the relevant information you need to know and we believe our detailed descriptions and photography definitely do it justice. Due to our in-depth knowledge of each property – inside and out – if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us fill you in on whatever it is you need to know.

Do you accept pets at your properties?

It depends on the owner of the property. Check the ‘Pets’ section in the statistics column of the villa of your choice to see if the owner will allow you to bring your furry friend. In many cases, we can request approval once we have more details on the species and amount of pets you would like to bring along with you. Please note: if a villa is pet-friendly, this does not mean it is pet-proof or gated. We ask that you keep your animals supervised and under control at all times, do not leave them unattended in the villa and dispose of any mess in a sanitary manner… just like you would at home!

Why can’t I book your villas online?

We receive so many enquiries for each of our properties that it’s important that our reservation schedules are accurate at all times. Clients can confirm their booking after direct communication with one of our team members. This way, we guarantee your reservation and avoid double bookings or misleading availability dates and can give each potential client a fair opportunity to book their desired villa on their chosen dates.

Are discounts available for booking early or at the last minute?

Due to the high demand for our properties, our rates are set at the beginning of the season and are not flexible. We would advise booking early to ensure you don’t miss out on your selected holiday dates, however if you are planning a very last minute getaway, contact us directly and we may be able to accommodate you, depending on the availability of our properties and the owners’ approval.

Why is there a charge for paying with my credit card?

Sorry – it’s not our fault! This charge comes directly from the credit card company – it is not a charge applied to your account by White Ibiza Villas. If you prefer not to pay this fee, you can pay your deposit, balance and cautionary deposit via bank transfer.

If I cancel my booking and it doesn’t get filled, can I re-book later?

When you make a cancellation, this is final – there’s no going back. The property instantly goes back on the market for those dates and the owners are advised of your decision. If you decide you’d like to re-book, you’ll need to complete the booking process from the beginning again by liaising with one of our team members.

What is a security deposit?

The security deposit is an amount previously specified between the villa owners and White Ibiza Villas that guarantees your acceptance that if damages occur throughout your stay, you will be accountable for covering the cost. Our properties are the highly valued private homes of Ibiza lovers like yourself, who have invested much time, effort and of course, money into creating a holiday haven for you to enjoy. It is for their protection that we implement this deposit as a precaution. If there are no damages, the deposit will be returned to you in full.

We are a group of professionals – do we really need to pay the deposit?

Yes. The security deposit is mandatory for all of our guests, regardless of age, background or professions. We do understand that minor breakages (defined as damage, breakage or extra cleaning to the value of 25€) can occur and these will not be taken from your deposit, however we ask that you do advise us of any small breakages such as glasses, so we can replace them accordingly for the next guests.

Why do you need to know so many personal details about our group?

First and foremost, it’s an insurance and health and safety requirement to notify us of who is staying in one of our properties at all times in case of emergency. In addition, White Ibiza Villas are the valued homes of private Ibiza residents and the owners do like to have an insight into the breakdown of your group. Certain properties may have limitations on events such as stag and hen parties, and your detailed information will also help us find the right property to suit your group.

Can we have friends visit us at the villa?

This depends on the property owner’s prior consent – let us know and we can request approval for guests to visit you on the property. Additional guests are not permitted to stay overnight unless we have been pre-notified with their full details as a member of your party for health and safety and insurance reasons. This is a non-negotiable clause of your contract with us – clients will be asked to leave a property if they violate this agreement.

Can we change our arrival day?

Most of the villas within our portfolio – and in fact, in Ibiza in general – are set up and managed for weeklong stays with a Saturday changeover to maximise bookings for the owners. Last minute bookings may offer some flexibility with the arrival day, at the owners’ discretion.

Can we stay for less than seven nights?

Most of our properties require a minimum of seven nights, especially in high season. Depending on the property of your choice and the time of year, shorter stays may be approved by the owner on request.

Can we check in early or check out late?

Our check in and check out times are set so our team has enough time between bookings to prepare the villa to the highest standards for the arrival of the next party. These times may be adapted to suit your arrival time on request, depending on the property’s availability and the owners’ discretion. Any early check ins or late check outs must be requested prior to the date and will be considered on a case by case basis. Please note: Arrivals between 10pm and 1am are subject to a late check in fee of 50€, and any arrivals or departures between 1am and 7am are subject to a fee of 100€.

What is included in the villa set-up?

We want our guests to arrive at their villas and get straight into holiday mode. Each of our properties comes complete with the following basic supplies to ensure your stay is comfortable: bottled water bed linen, towels, toilet paper, cleaning products, tea, coffee, pantry essentials (salt, pepper, olive oil and sugar), garbage bags, dishwasher tablets and tea towels. You’ll also receive a special White Ibiza Magazine. Some properties offer additional items, and if you would like to request anything be stocked before your arrival, please speak with one of our team members to arrange.

Why do you ask us for feedback after we’ve checked out?

Because we value your opinion! While we’re confident that the villas in our portfolio are of an exceptionally high standard, your honest feedback and suggestions at the end of your stay helps us to advise owners on any improvements that may be needed, or any additions that could be made to make the property more enjoyable for our guests.

I can’t find anything that suits my search criteria! Is that all the properties you have?

Our villa portfolio is constantly evolving and updating, and also includes a very exclusive selection of properties that are not advertised online for the owners’ discretion, so be sure to contact us if you don’t see anything that fits your search. We know all of our properties inside and out, so please call or email us to let us know exactly what you’re looking for and we should be able to find you the perfect match.

Can I list my property with White Ibiza Villas?

If you’ve seen our portfolio of properties and you think your own Ibiza home suits our style, please get in touch. We’re always interested in meeting home owners and checking out new villas we think may be appealing to our clients.