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Blakstad designed homes

Fusing ancient Ibicenco design traditions and materials with contemporary finishes, these luxury properties designed by Ibiza’s leading architectural firm captures the essence of authentic island life.

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Sea view

They say money can’t buy happiness but it can score you a sea view, which is pretty close. If vistas of the glistening Med are what you’re seeking, these properties in our sales portfolio tick all the right boxes.

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Reduced price

Savvy investors and keen-to-move buyers need look no further than here for a great deal – we’ve rounded up the best properties on the Ibiza market that have lowered their prices for a fast sale.

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Tourist licence

Villas that come with a tourist licence add an extra dimension to your investment – whether you’re seeking a business opportunity or want to supplement your income when not in residence, these homes can be legally rented.

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Discover the most popular designer homes in our portfolio. These homes tick all the right boxes for our discerning international guests – luxury, style, quality, and location – and are always in hot demand.

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