Nano with Loco Dice @ Blu: 04/03/09

Springtime brings with it the arrival of many things – warmer climes, colourful flowers, the twittering of birds in lush green trees and the occasional international DJ guest visitor to Ibiza.

This rare species come out of the woodwork at this time of year and generally pop over to the island to secure gigs, make (or break!) deals and get a taste of what’s to come in the season. Tonight, the underground hero of the German techno scene and all-round master of the Amnesia terrace, Loco Dice, returned the White Isle, gracing the decks at Figueretes hangout Blu for the night as part of his Under 300 tour.

Dice is currently traveling the world and holding court in smaller, wowing more intimate crowds (with less than 300 people as the name as the name suggests) in smaller venues as opposed to the thousands he entertains in the summer throughout his Cocoon residency, and so Nano at Blu, the brain child of Cocoon main man Sven Vath was a foregone conclusion for the Ibiza leg of the tour.

A bit of mid-week madness was exactly what Miss W needed after being struck down with a bout of the flu (I blame the change of seasons but better now than summer I guess) so I was amongst the first at the doors, dancing shoes at the ready and party posse in tow.

Despite the chill in the air outside, inside the venue there was a distinct summery vibe – maybe it was the familiar faces from the DC10 and Amnesia terraces, after hibernating all winter or perhaps it was the bouncy, carnival-esque chunky techno flavoured sounds of Loco Dice that was bringing the feeling flooding back. Whatever it was, it was nothing short of magic!

For six amazing hours we were treated to the very best of Loco Dice – who looked as though he was having as much fun as the up-for-it crowd – and when the music finally came to an end and the crowd dispersed, it was hard to believe that it was already daylight outside… and office hours were due to begin v-e-r-y soon.

Luckily Miss W was out and about on duty (aren’t I always?), which meant her very understanding Chief White allowed her a sleep-in today. All in the name of research…


THE GOOD: Where have all these people been hiding all winter? Or are they the first batch of 2009’s new arrivals? Either way, it was nice to see the clubbing fraternity back out in force for this very special one-off occasion.

THE BAD: Blu’s location may seem convenient on the map but in reality, there is nowhere to park and not a taxi to be seen at 7am – yep, that’s what time the big man finished up. Though it’s not too far to walk to a main road to hail a cab, Miss W just HATES the feeling a walk of shame brings, particularly when her feet hurt after six hours of dancing.

THE GOSSIP: Mr Dice’s glamazon girlfriend was nowhere to be seen tonight to Miss W’s delight – now I know this doesn’t necessarily mean he’s single and perhaps she just chose not to accompany him on this particular tour, but her absence did give Miss W some hope…