Sands opening with Sander Kleinenberg: 15.05.10

Sands Ibiza, Opening Party 15/05/10

Photography by Annie Peel

After a pretty amazing ‘soft opening’ a couple of weeks ago, the crew at Sands Beach Restaurant are now well and truly into the swing of pre-season things… and today, they were ready to show it off to the world. Accordingly, Playa D’en Bossa put on her most beautiful, turquoise-waters for the occasion, sparkling beneath the sun’s rays like a picture perfect summer day…

However it was easy to differentiate the locals from the newcomers, as those eagerly seeking a tan (newbies) were out on the sun beds, braving the slight chill in the air caused by the wind in order to show off their all-new beach fashions, while the island residents were inside the restaurant tucking into the amazing new Sands menu, cleverly dressed in loads of layers knowing just how fickle that Ibiza weather can be once the sun starts to go down.

Sands Ibiza, Opening Party 15/05/10

Photography by Annie Peel

Diners were treated to some smooth lunchtime grooves by DJ Stefano, followed by a spot of beach house by Ibiza Sonica’s very own Clara da Costa while they munched their way through an exotic selection of sushi, deluxe burgers, teriyaki salmon and Miss W’s highlight, the chicken supreme… an amazing slightly curried creation of succulent chicken breast and served with slightly roasted pumpkin. Mmmm, my mouth is watering again just thinking about it!

You may notice the slightly Japanese theme to the menu, which is thanks to the influence of A-life, who are partnering with Sands this year. We hear that the full menu, which will be introduced over the next few weeks, is full of even more Eastern promise…

As the lunchtime crowd began to disperse to the sand, soaking up the last rays of the sun before it sank behind the neighboring tall hotel buildings (and constantly shuffling to one side as the shade began to fall in order to stay in it for as long as possible), it became very apparent that THE accessory du jour today was… a family!

The future faces of Ibiza were all attracting plenty of attention – from a mini-Whittle in a pimped up Ferrari pram (with the obligatory cherry bumper sticker of course), to a certain Little Miss White, who’d styled herself (to mum’s dismay perhaps?) in a pink tutu, glittering leggings, hot pink Fame-esque leg warmers and silver ballet shoes, looking very much the future podium queen! Thankfully, were on hand with entertainment, meaning mums and dads were left in peace to enjoy their lunch!

DJ Ben Santiago took to the decks, warming up for the very special guest Sander Kleinenberg, who was being broadcast live on Ibiza Sonica for the occasion, and kept making the most of his time on the microphone with spontaneous shout outs to ‘the people who are the soul of the season’ and those ‘responsible for what’s to come’ including Pacha’s Danny Whittle and Yelle Oomes of Blue Marlin and the entire Sands gang.

Sands Ibiza, Opening Party 15/05/10

Photography by Annie Peel

Once it was dark and the little ones had gone home to bed, the party really kicked off and the tables were cleared away to make way for dancing to the beats of DJ Andy Baxter until the very bitter end. Of course, when you also own a super cool hotel with its very own nightclub inside just a hop, skip and a jump down the road, the end of the night at Sands doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the night at all now, does it?


THE GOOD: The new addition of Kerry Anne Winton to the Sands crew for 2010. Alongside owner Jason Bull and artistic director Alex Pascual (who was showing off her amazing post-baby figure in a super-sexy and summery electric blue dress) the island’s most loved hostess mingled and maneuvered her way around the very busy restaurant floor ensuring each and every table was well looked after in her own inimitable style, making us extra glad we’d come for lunch and guaranteeing we’ll be back week after week!

THE BAD: Being too hungry to wait for the all-new Sands sushi. I know, I know – my bad! But as the sushi was so popular, it meant an extra half an hour to wait for food while the ultra busy chef sliced and diced his way through an entire fishing trawler worth of the freshest fish… When Miss W is hungry (and anyone who knows me will tell you this), her appetite waits for no man… even if he is wielding a super-sharp sushi knife. There’ll be a next time.

THE GOSSIP: What’s with the Wonderland posters – already? With the opening party not for another six weeks, in my humble opinion it just makes the posters appear as if they were remnants still stuck on the wall from last season (considering the artwork isn’t altogether that different). Some call it overzealous PR, I call it a waste of a tree…

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