The Crunch presented by Shantico: 01/01/09

Umm-ing and ahhi-ng over whether or not to go to bed between parties is a traditional part of the New Year’s Day ritual in Ibiza. If you go to sleep, even just a cheeky disco nap for a few hours, will you lose your enthusiasm or miss out on some action? Or if you stay awake, will you fade too quickly at the after party and need to go home early?

It’s an age-old conundrum and while I won’t disclose which decision Miss W made (a girl likes to have an air of mystery about her you know – and I ALWAYS love a costume change between events, sleep or no sleep, so you’ll never be able to tell!), I can say that at today’s special event there were a good portion of guests who looked incredibly fresh faced and others sipping on hair of the dog with a grimace…

The event in question? The debut of ‘The Crunch’, a party presented by all-round Ibiza legend and host-with-the-most Sid Shanti. Just when we thought parties beginning before dusk were a thing of the past (read: the good old days), came the announcement that this party – with the location remaining a secret until the day – would kick off at 1pm, bringing us together early to ensure the New Year spirit continued to sparkle for another day at least.

Guests were given directions to a parking lot off the beaten track and then transferred safely over to the venue – Sa Tasca, a traditional Spanish restaurant with huge garden areas, stunning views across the hills and out to sea, set on the road to San Jose. The sight of kids – and plenty of dogs – playing outdoors greeted us on arrival plus an assortment of early bird revelers making the most of the chance to hang outdoors in the fresh Ibiza air – very bohemian indeed.

The who’s who of local DJs were indoors providing the soundtrack, including We Love’s David Phillips, Wonderland’s Tomas Hedberg, Pacha’s Graham Sahara and a very special set from Ibiza Sonica’s Andy Wilson which had the entire dance floor full to capacity quite early on and the room steaming up with body heat – and when half the room is nursing a hangover, that is one feat to be proud of.

Overall, the event had that hedonistic feel of days gone by – the free-spirited vibe of an illegal rave, an impressive roll call of name-droppable guests (from the old school acid house crew to the high end social set and everyone of all ages in between) letting their hair down, a mix of musical styles – underground in one room and eclectic Balearic beats in the other and the overall feeling that you were part of something new, 100 per cent fun and completely true to the original spirit of Ibiza.

In some ways, I guess you had to be there – I’m so glad I was!


THE GOOD: Attending 2009’s first daytime party of course! In the absence of the annual Circo Loco NYD bash, many islanders were left wondering whether they were indeed be having a well deserved sleep in for the first time in their lives come January 1st.  Three cheers to Shantico for creating an all-new party to fill the gap in the market… and an extra cheer for making it a free event to all.

THE BAD: While a good party is not always judged by its appearance, Miss W has to admit that grubby plastic chairs, tables and even plastic flowers are not really the most aesthetically appealing décor…

THE GOSSIP: The cryptic nature of the propaganda for this party implied a brand spanking new venue in close proximity to town, however it turned out that a new equaled an old Ibicenco restaurant which was fresh to the party scene and the location of KM4 was actually if you were driving from San Antonio – from Ibiza town, it was in fact KM17.5 on the San Jose Road. A classic case of putting-us-off-the-scent until the last minute…