Tom Novy ‘Chillin At Ocean Drive’: 12.07.10

Ocean Drive CD listening party with Tom Novy: 12/07/10

I generally find Monday nights in Ibiza are pretty routine. Most people I know opt for the wild and crazy Circo-Loco-followed-by-Cocoon route, or the sophisticated sushi-before-Swedish-House-Mafia scenario, though there are a certain few who choose to spend Mondays behind closed doors recovering from the previous weekend’s antics, indulging in some solitary me-time. And on this particular Monday, I fell into the latter category…

However when a very last minute invitation arrived in my inbox to head to the beautiful new rooftop terrace of Ocean Drive, to attend a pre-listening party of Tom Novy’s new chillout CD, I had to admit I was intrigued. Tom Novy doing chillout? Now this, I could be persuaded to leave my house for…

Ocean Drive CD listening party with Tom Novy: 12/07/10As we entered the lobby of Ocean Drive, we instantly crossed paths with the jovial man in question, who’s so far been remarkably quiet in Ibiza this summer… until now! As we zoomed up the lift together, he told the White-ettes about his forthcoming CD, ‘Chillin At Ocean Drive’, and its impending launch on August 6 – conveniently also the annual fireworks night in Ibiza, so expect a pretty impressive launch.

As we stepped out of the lift, we were instantly hit with an amazing burst of fresh air, so much better than the stifling heat down at street level! A couple of glasses of cava later, while we were admiring the truly spectacular view of Dalt Vila as the sun went down and we were feeling very much refreshed, and (funnily enough) very chilled out!

As Tom Novy – dressed in this season’s apparent fashion-trend-for-DJs, a short sleeved checked shirt – took to the decks, I was oh-so-pleasantly surprised by his chillout collection, which tonight was serving as a teaser of what’s to come on the CD. Think a smooth re-edit of Foreigner’s ‘I’ve been waiting for a girl like you’, a ukelele version of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’, melodic movie soundtracks mixed with modern versions of Dennis Ferrer’s ‘Hey Hey’ and plenty of other super cool tracks that made me almost feel like I was living in a movie soundtrack.

The only problem is, how do you know when a chill out party has reached its peak? Isn’t the term chill out party a juxtaposition anyway? Looks like Miss W was in for another one of those l-o-n-g Monday nights yet again!

Ocean Drive CD listening party with Tom Novy: 12/07/10


THE GOOD: Ocean Drive’s new Chill Out lounge is definitely a welcome new addition to the Ibiza bar scene. With THAT million dollar view and a beautiful breeze easing the sweltering summer heat, how can you NOT want to stay up here all night?

THE BAD: The young ravers trying their very hardest to dance to Tom’s chilled out beats. When it comes to chillout, less is more – we’re thinking bob your head, tap your feet… but a makeshift dance floor isn’t necessary up here!

THE GOSSIP: I’ve heard of a cat on a hot tin roof, but a dog on an astro-turfed roof? There’s something that could go remarkably wrong there…

Ocean Drive CD listening party with Tom Novy: 12/07/10